3 Reasons Why Glutamine Is One Of My Favorite Supplements


For several years I’ve used fermented GLUTAMINE in high dosages every single day. When I launched KAGED MUSCLE, I knew I would include this phenomenal ingredient as a standalone product, as well as incorporate it into other KAGED MUSCLE products. Of all the supplements you can take, fermented GLUTAMINE is in my top 3. The only caveat is that it must be fermented, meaning it doesn’t come from duck feathers or human hair as most on the market do.

Below are my three reasons why GLUTAMINE rocks.

Gut Integrity

Glutamine can have a significant impact on the way your gut health works, improving the integrity of the GI tract. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that improving this will make for better recovery. After all, it is in the gut where all of your nutrients are partitioned and processed. If there’s a problem there, everything else is compromised. Starting the day with GLUTAMINE may help to address this.


GLUTAMINE is the most abundant amino acid in the body; it possesses several properties which have been shown to help heighten recovery and buffer catabolism. In highly trained people like you and I, this is a really valuable asset because in order to grow we must recover first. This is why I will never train without fermented GLUTAMINE in my bloodstream.

Immune Booster

Life is full of viruses waiting to catch you off guard, sabotaging your gym time for days at a time. Training itself is also a harsh suppressant of the immune system, so you need to take good care of that to stay healthy. GLUTAMINE is a fantastic immune boosting agent, which could possibly be linked to the fact it’s great for your gut as well. Remember, the majority of the immune system actually lives within the gut.

Over the years I’ve put my ability to keep marching forward in an uncompromising fashion down to my ongoing use of GLUTAMINE, I cannot recommend it enough.

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