3 Reasons You Can't Recover


Under recovery is on the agenda today, and I’ll tell you why. If you can’t recover properly then guess what, you’re not going to grow at all! Recovery always comes first; it is the process of going from catabolic to anabolic. It is also the foundation of training intensity; with subdued recovery performance will suffer.

There are almost always 3 reasons why people can’t recover properly, which are:

1 Dehydration

2 Insufficient Protein Intake

3 Gut Issues


Even falling remotely into a state of dehydration will literally implode the recovery process. Water and electrolytes are needed around the clock to shuttle nutrients along to the muscle cell, where they can then be processed to contribute towards recovery. Studies have shown even being 10% off “hydration” can hamper recovery significantly.

This is why you have to (no ifs or buts!) drink at least 1 gallon per day, sometimes more if your climate and activity levels warrant it. To improve hydration further, and make it and make it a refreshing experience add HYDRA-CHARGE! It’s a best seller for a reason, not only does it taste the unbelievable it also has 5 natural electrolytes from tender coconut water extract.

Insufficient Protein Intake

Total calories are obviously important to recovery, but protein is where it is really at! If you’re not consuming enough protein then there aren’t enough amino acids available to help rebuild the damaged muscle fibers. It is that simple. Understandably it can be difficult to eat your way to around 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight, which is why I take RE-KAGEDimmediately after training. It’s the fastest digesting protein available, with added ingredients such as fermented GLUTAMINE and patented CREATINE HCl to enhance recovery*. It’s also a very easy 28g of protein to consume; sometimes I’ll have 2 servings per day!

Regardless, punch in a high protein meal every 3 hours to stabilize your recovery process.

Gut Issues

Maybe you didn’t see this curveball coming but if your gut isn't in check, then you can’t expect your recovery to be either. Remember all of the protein you’re forcing down has to go somewhere; it needs to be assimilated and processed correctly. Simply eating it isn’t enough. To help your gut perform better you can do the following:

• Eat 3-5 portions of green veggies per day

• Drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day

• Avoid pro-inflammatory foods - usually these will be lactose, gluten and wheat. Get tested to see exactly what your gut doesn't like!

• Supplement with fermented GLUTAMINE

If you can become so disciplined that you do all of the above, your recovery will improve dramatically in my opinion.

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