​3 Steps To Blasting Fat


Every day I surround myself with smarter people, who’ve got amazing knowledge and wisdom to share. This allows me to learn quicker, get better results and share this information with you once I’ve tried and tested it. Remember, knowledge without the mileage to support it is complete bulls***!

I’m currently undergoing my most aggressive transformation yet, having given myself just 8 weeks to demonstrate to you what is possible with the best advice on nutrition, training, cardio and supplementation. Already, the CLEAN BURN has enabled me to surpass previous limits… You’ll see the results for yourself in the not too distant future.

Below you’ve got 3 things you can do to blast the fat away, quickly.

Cleanse Your Insides

You’ve seen me start my day with my apple cider vinegar, organic lemon juice and L-GLUTAMINE concoction. Sure it will make the hairs on the back of your neck rise, but it will also help cleanse your insides of all the s*** and bad bacteria which attacks your gut.

What does this have to do with getting ripped? It has everything to do with it actually because if your gut isn’t clean then you’re going to have more nasty toxins inside you. These toxins make fat loss more difficult to achieve. This is why I spend so much time with leading medical researchers doing blood tests on me to test how these rituals I promote are helping me to get into my best shape yet.

Beat The Stress Away

Stress has never been a bigger problem than it is today, with it prevailing in almost every situation in your life. You can’t get 2 minutes to yourself with modern technology, unless you choose to control your environment and remove the stress away from yourself. I like to do things like paddle boarding, out on the water away from everywhere else to help manage my cortisol levels. Every day, I follow set patterns to start and finish my day which are designed to lower cortisol.

Cortisol isn’t just catabolic; it also makes losing fat around your midriff a damn site harder!

Do More Work In The Gym

Spend less time sitting around, chatting or being on your phone and cover more ground whilst you’re training. This is why I recommend using DTP training because you’re super setting opposing muscle groups which instantly spikes your calorie burning potential, where you’re utilizing more of your time in the gym to blast the fat rather than rest.

These sort of tips aren’t what you always hear about when it comes to getting ripped, but believe me all of them are making a real difference on my personal transformation and will do the same for you!

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