3 Things You Wont Believe About Supplements


The supplement industry has evolved aggressively over the past decade; there are more products than ever to choose from. What hasn’t evolved so much is the quality and innovation.

Most brands are using the same generic s*** and putting a new shiny label over the top. It was this uninspiring approach that was trending across the industry which inspired me to launch KAGED MUSCLE. Making a difference with a totally transparent policy was the only way I was willing to do things. If you’re still in doubt, I turned down a $300,000 per annum pay check plus bonuses from a generic brand before I launched KAGED MUSCLE.

To help enlighten you with some of the underhand things that go on in this industry, I’m going to share three shocking things with you today. This isn’t me “hating” I’m just the messenger; you get to choose what you do with this information.

Animal Urine

In an attempt to spike certain protein products with nitrogen some companies have been using animal urine as their “protein filler”! I’m not going to reveal which brands or pass judgment on this; all I’m going to ask of you is to decide how you feel about that.

Human Hair & Duck Feathers

Most generic forms of BCAAs and Glutamine come from human hair and duck feathers. Pretty disgusting, right? When I launched my own BCAAs and Glutamine I was adamant that we could only use the most natural process. This meant using plant derived fermented BCAAs and Glutamine which is extremely uncommon. However, you can feel the difference when you use this versus the typical generic alternatives. Reports of recovery is much better allowing trainees to train harder, longer and more frequent.

Under Dosing

Over the last 2 years several of the “big” brands have come unstuck for under dosing products. When random selected formulas have actually been lab tested the results showed that in many cases the amino acid and protein content is significantly less than advertised. This is why KAGED MUSCLE supplements all come with the coveted MicroPure guarantee! This means that every product is 3rd party batch tested so that you’re guaranteed all dosages are as they say.

Like I said, the decision is yours; I’m just the messenger.

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