​4 Ways To Build Dominating Triceps


Last year, I was tasked by Bodybuilding.com to create 3 specific things I do to build my triceps. As I sat there writing the column it was really hard to choose the top 3 because over nearly 2 decades in the gym I’ve learnt a lot of effective techniques. Today I’m going to give you my top 4 exercises for building a set of dominating triceps.

Overhead Extensions

The long head portion of the triceps always get left until last and that’s because cats aren’t training them properly. To get that signature horse shoe shape in your triceps there needs to be more overhead work done. The long head is the most dominating part of your triceps and the only way to properly recruit it is to go overhead!

Using 1-2 overhead extension exercises in your triceps routine is a must.

Decline Close Grip Bench Press

Recently I alluded to the fact that decline close grip bench press is the perfect way to avoid shoulder pain whilst training triceps. The decline angle isn’t just a great way to find pain relief though, it’s the perfect angle to load your triceps and fry them!

Cable Kickbacks

Dumbbell kickbacks are limited in terms of the tension they help you achieve, however making a simple switch to cables changes everything. As you extend your elbows rotate your wrist inwards so your little finger ends up facing outwards by the top of your rep.

Rocker Skull Crushers

In past video trainers I’ve used the rocker skull crushers before to completely destroy my triceps. Instead of extending from top to bottom, add in a “rocking” motion before extending your elbows. This means you let your arms drop 2-4 inches further backwards before returning back to your starting position with a “rocking” motion, then extending to the top. This gives an extra stretch on the long head.

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