​5 Reasons Why Low Reps Can Hold You Back!


One of my earliest influences in the bodybuilding world was none other than 6 times Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates. On many occasions I’ve shared the gym floor with Dorian, tearing through muscle fibres with the sound of crashing metal plates echoing off the walls. Lifting heavy weight is something I will always believe in and recommend, but it has its limitations if there is no variation. From the conception of DTP, I discovered that high rep training can be just as formidable in carving a physique when applied with savage intensity.

If you’re yet to explore the possibilities which exist beyond 6-12 rep sets allow me to explain why this is holding you back.

Less Connection

Crushing the muscle with heavy low rep training works but I definitely experience less connectivity. By this I mean the sensation of my muscles burning as the tension spreads. When I began to train with more reps and volume using DTP training principle my connectivity improved and weaker muscle groups began to grow. For sure, happened because I was training more muscle fibers than before but the connection counts as well. If you can’t feel it working it probably isn’t to it’s full potential.

More Joint Pain

There was a time when I only did HIT many years ago, and whilst I did grow my joints simply couldn't keep up. They were always sore and I had to navigate around injuries all of the time. When doing low rep training there is far more stress on joints, the ligaments and tendons actually end up contributing to moving more of the weight as well. By doing more reps the muscle is able to do more of the work and benefit because of it.

Limited Blood Flow

The blood flow I experience from a 10 rep set compared to a 30 rep set is dramatically different. Low rep training doesn't encourage blood to gush into a muscle like high rep training does, which carries many benefits.

Nutrient transportation can improve if blood moves more freely into the muscles. This provides your muscles with more of the nutrients they need to repair and recover.

If there is more blood being crammed into a muscle that means it has to be accommodated. The fascia will have to stretch in order for this to happen, which could make more space for new muscle to grow. Many hypertrophy experts believe the fascia can be a limiting factor for growth, stretching it can help remedy this.

It goes without saying every workout I do is pre-loaded with PRE-KAGED so that I can make the most of the 6.5g of pure CITRULLINE to help drive as much blood into my muscles as possible. This is just one of many reasons why the 32g scoop of patented ingredients is so damn powerful.

Increased Chance Of Plateaus

Going through the same motions every week is a sure fire way to plateauing. Low rep training relies on constant gains in strength which is nearly impossible to sustain long term. The way around this is to sprinkle some different rep ranges into your training, changing the tempo and type of stimulation.

Since applying my own DTP principles my physique has evolved at a much quicker rate, bypassing plateaus which would have previously stalled progress for longer.

Energy Spend

There’s one thing I’ll say for high rep training, once I finish my last set I know I’ve trained!

Lifting heavy weight for low reps is easy, the pain is very temporary and there’s not that much cardiovascular demand. Switching things up to higher reps doesn't just annihilate muscle fibers it makes the heart and lungs work much harder. Of course, the body spends more energy in this state because it’s forced to.

One of the reasons DTP has been able to help millions of people achieve such dramatic results is because it’s so energy intensive. To help boost total energy spend further I like to use CLEAN BURN if my goal is to cut body fat. The goal is heightened thermogenesis which this fat burner is able to help out with.


Let’s be clear I’m a big fan of low rep heavy training, there’s no disputing that. My only rule is that there does need to be something more to achieve sustainable results which draw every bit of potential out of you. 

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