​5 Training Intensity Strategies


Every time I go to the gym it oozes intensity, my mind craves the punishment which only the darkest workouts can give me. To continually re-invent scenarios which impose vigorous stress on my body I have to apply every strategy possible to bring more intensity into my workouts. There are five distinct ways to heighten intensity; I’ll explain each of them now.

Rest Periods

Too many people go easy on themselves, not clock watching and waiting until they feel ready for the next set. Being militant with time keeping between sets can become one of the most effective things you’ve ever done. The lactic threshold gets pushed to its absolute limits, muscle fibers scorn under the increasing temperature, and oxygen becomes harder to suck up with each breath.

Some workouts I will stick to 45 seconds between sets, other times that could grow to 90 seconds. However, it has to be relative to the workout I’m doing. This will depend on rep ranges, overall volume and the body part I’m training. Once I decide upon the rest period I will never veer from it. The purpose is to create intensity.

Rep Speed

Changing the rep tempo is a surefire way to introduce more intensity, especially by slowing it down. When my craving for intramuscular pain peaks I will use slower rep speed to push the muscle to its max. Slow down that negative; make the fibers tear apart like never before and experience instantaneous elevations in intensity.

I’ll mix it up, slowing some reps down and speeding others up to plow blood into the muscle as failure nears.


Using two exercises back to back is one of my favorite ways to crush a muscle. In fact, I’ve often used supersets within my DTP training system to achieve more intensity. Sometimes this will be working antagonistic (opposite) muscle groups, other times it will be the same muscle. Either way, the lack of rest between exercises brings a new dimension to training.

Drop Sets

Rather than stop a set once failure has been reached, I’ll sometimes throw in one or two drop sets to exacerbate the intensity. This will be using the same exercise with the sole purpose of “turning the screw” some more on the muscle. It’s like having an opponent in a fight on the ropes, close to defeat. The drop set will act as the KO!

Giant Sets

Giant sets are an even more extreme version of super sets, using three or more exercises in succession without any rest. There have been workouts where I’ve done more than six exercises back to back without rest. This is the ultimate concoction for intensity; the violence which is inflicted upon my muscles is so severe my muscles will wear the scars for days afterward. It’s the perfect way to attack a muscle which is stubborn. Especially with carefully picked rep tempo.

During a giant set, you will want to sip on IN-KAGED as a means of helping buffer fatigue and sustain hydration. This is something I’ll never be without, especially during workouts of this magnitude.


There are different ways to heighten the state of intensity in the gym. I’ve given you five effective ways to do this. With increased intensity comes more responsibility for recovery.

After the gym, I will always use RE-KAGED as a means of getting 28g of ultrafast digesting protein, which is improved with the addition of ProHydrolase. To provide more foundation to my recovery, I’ll use fermented BCAAs and GLUTAMINE every day as well.

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