​6 Things That Are Stopping You From Gaining Muscle


6 Things That Are Stopping You From Gaining Muscle

Everyday the KAGED MUSCLE private Facebook Group is full of questions and posts from people generally asking how to gain additional muscle. Upon closer inspection it becomes very apparent why these peopled are stuck a rut, failing to make any meaningful gains in size.

As I sit here on the runway ready to head to another state I thought it would be a good opportunity to share the reasons why you’re not growing as you’d like to. There will be a lot of “ahh hah” moments, where you realize where you’ve been going wrong. Don’t worry I won’t judge you or take the p***, just promise me you’ll rectify the problems once I’ve explained them.

Missed Meals

You should know by now that every 3 hours I insist on eating a transformation-friendly meal. The composition of each meal is beyond the scope of this blog, but without fail you must eat every 3 hours to maximize your muscle growth.

Every time you miss a meal you’re forgoing an opportunity to encourage the natural “anabolic effect.” In fact, one missed meal knocks you back one whole day, every time.

Insufficient Protein

Muscle growth thrives on protein. if you’re eating insufficient amounts, you can’t expect to get jacked. Protein triggers an anabolic process referred to as muscle protein synthesis. Getting close to 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight each day is where you need to be.

Your protein intake needs to be spread throughout the day, feeding every 3 hours to keep the muscle protein synthesis wheels turning. If you're struggling to hit your daily protein content, take our ultra-fast absorbing hydrolyzed whey isolate RE-KAGED. There’s even added ProHydrolase enzyme to help further speed up the digestion process. Or, you can opt for our slow release option, KASEIN before bed to keep your muscles fed through the night.

Lack Of Fuel

Fundamentally you need enough calories to build muscle, no matter how clean your diet is you can’t grow without enough fuel. The best energy for muscle mass comes from low glycemic carbohydrates, the glycogen fills your muscles and becomes “protein sparing.”

There’s no set calorie allowance to quantify “enough” energy. You need to establish what your resting calorie baseline is, taking your daily activity into account and be at least 10% over that limit. Sometimes you’ll require more.

Pathetic Workout Intensity

The number of times I’ve seen people in the gym training their thumbs on their cell phone

more than their muscles is nuts! Muscle isn't going to just appear on your physique by walking into the gym and doing a few sets like a timid kitten. You need to f***ing annihilate your muscles with uncompromising intensity.

Cheap Supplements

KAGED MUSCLE supplements uses premium patented ingredients which can be quite expensive. However, we will never cut corners on ingredients to improve our margin.

If you're using inferior supplements formulated with generic proprietary blends and amino acids such as BCAAs and GLUTAMINE derived from human hair or duck feathers, don’t expect to see great results. The only brand I will ever recommend is KAGED MUSCLE, because I know what goes into our products compared to most others.

Same Old S***

If you're doing the same old s*** every week do you really think your body has a reason to change? It won’t because it is firmly within its comfort zone. Mix your training up by throwing in some DTPXtreme workouts in, introduce some FST or Y3T training principles. If you do the same s*** every week, you’ll end up with the same results.


The process is simple enough, you commit yourself and do everything possible to make your body adapt at a quick rate. Don’t allow yourself to let obstacles get in the way like 95% of the world’s population if you want to be in the top 5%! 

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