​7 Of The Best Chest Exercises For Big Pecs


No matter how many live Facebook videos I do or group posts in the KAGED MUSCLE communityI still get asked every day, “How do I get a big chest, Kris?”

As the sun shined down on me here in Boise, Idaho I thought I’d make an effort to write out my seven favorite chest exercises accompanied with advice on how to inflict the most damage on the pecs.

1)Decline Dumbbell Press

The decline angle was considered one of the best by six time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates. From here it’s not just about crushing the lower portion of the pecs, it’s the whole chest muscle. With each inch that passes pushing upwards the activation across your pecs intensifies. Using dumbbells accentuates the effect by pressing inwards with the pecs coming together.

2) Machine Decline Chest Press

The value of this angle has already been explained with the first exercise. Machines allow you to isolate the muscle group more efficiently. Machines are also perfect for drop sets because there’s no time wasted whilst the weight is being changed.

3) Dumbbell Flye

Hard and heavy is how I like to crush my chest with dumbbell flyes. There’s nothing fancy about this—it’s all about aggressive overload. Usually I’ll pick a weight which makes me fail between 8-12 reps. No matter how much it hurts, I’ll keep the negative portion of the rep slow so my muscle fibers get beaten up. In contrast, when I lift the weight back up, it’s explosive to make the fibers contract as hard as possible.

4) Dumbbell Roll Out Flye

To do this exercise, I take a press-up position whilst gripping a set of dumbbells, with my palms facing each other. The dumbbells need to be positioned in-line with my shoulders to mark the starting position. From here I let the dumbbells roll outwards and once I reach the point where I can no longer support my weight I’ll “flye” the weight inwards, replicating a dumbbell fly motion.

This is a great finishing chest exercise; it’ll test the strongest athletes out there so be wary.

5) Vertical Cable Crossovers

Cable crossovers are great, but I prefer to throw my own spin on this exercise to attack my pecs in a different way. With the cables set at the highest point on the machine, my aim is to bring the cables down rather than forwards. I’m still arcing my arms as is normal with crossovers, the difference is all in the angle used. This way the contraction is more intense at the very lowest point of the pecs.

6) Banded Bench Press

In all honesty, I very rarely do conventional flat bench pressing, however doing it with bands has produced some phenomenal results for me. The addition of bands changes the power curve, so my pecs are under way more tension on the negative and have to work even harder to press the weight back up.

I’ll use less weight than usual with banded pressing, but my chest is in ruins for days afterward so it must be doing something right.

7) Dips

Provided my shoulders are in good health I like to use dips to really annihilate my pecs from the corner of my armpits all the way in to the middle. Sometimes I’ll load the weighted belt up and start with heavy dips, other times I’ll just use my body weight as part of a superset to cram as much blood into my pecs as possible.


Every exercise I’ve listed has its own benefits; the secret lies in varying your angle of attack for the best results. It goes without saying none of these exercises will allow you to build a thick chest if your diet is inconsistent and you’re not supplementing with quality supplements such as those formulated by KAGED MUSCLE. Perhaps I’m a little biased but I can personally vouch for the purity and perfection which comes with KAGED MUSCLE supplements because everything comes with a MicroPure third party batch tested guarantee. 

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