8 Cable Exercises You Should Be Doing


One of my favorite things for total biceps destruction is cables! Training arms exclusively with cables for an entire workout unleashes unbelievable amounts of tension to inflict damage on to the biceps. At no point is there a loss of tension on the biceps when training with cables and they offer so much freedom that it's easier to train the muscle with more precision. Here are eight of my favorite cable bicep exercises, accompanied by an explanation.

Cable Preacher Curls

Sometimes I will do unilateral preacher curls with a cable, other times I will use an EZ bar. This is unquestionably a great way to isolate the biceps. When doing this exercise, I like to make my biceps resist the weight on the negatives, stretching my arms to full extension before curling the weight up again. Sometimes using this exercise for "21s" is an awesome finisher; I'll occasionally throw in for good measure!

Overhead EZ-Bar Cable Curls

This exercise has become a staple in my bicep workouts over recent years, it offers something different and reduces bicep tendon trauma. As I curl the weight inwards towards my head, I make sure the bar ends up just above head height, this allows for a further range of motion. It's important the cable pin is set high enough to achieve this angle.

There's no point in doing this exercise fast and sloppy; there must always be control. It's better when done for 15-20 reps, giving the exercise time to reach inside the bicep and pull it apart!

Crouching EZ-Bar Cable Curls

With the cable at the lowest setting on the stack, I like to crouch down into a low squat position and push my elbows into my thighs. From here I can curl the weight in a very isolated range of motion, again avoiding any bodily movement which could aid my biceps. This almost a hybrid between concentration curls and preacher curls!

Drag Cable Curls

Drag curls are a favorite compound builder of mine; no exercise pinches the peak of my biceps like this does! Doing drag curls with cables rather than free weights means I can step further back to create a new angle. Sometimes I will even use two angles during the same set, doing half of the reps with one before transitioning into another. Variation like this is perfect for bicep growth!

Reverse Stance Cable Curls

Standing facing away from the cable machine using one cable for each arm, I like to perform curls whilst standing around one meter away from the machine. This creates much more "pull" on my biceps, and the fact I'm facing away furthers the destruction this causes to the fibers in my biceps. Slightly leaning forwards can also make this exercise more isolated.

Rope Cable Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are the perfect all round bicep builder; they also make the forearms grow as well. Doing them with a rope on a cable machine gives something different, allowing for various angles to be leveraged. The ropes allow me to add some external rotation into the reps at the top, from the elbow joint which encourages blood to flow into my biceps.

Crucifix Cable Curls

This exercise requires visualization. It gives me the chance to work the peak contraction of my biceps, holding them in this position to make the cables pull against the fiber - gorging detail into the muscle. It also offers a lot of relief on my shoulders and bicep tendons, opposed to conventional curls.

Alternating Cable Curls

Doing a straight swap with dumbbells for cables when doing alternating curls is something I do from time to time. It's simply a trade off with sheer weight versus tension and precision. Sometimes the latter is what I seek, which is when I go for the cables instead.

As a finisher this can be devastating, doing seven quick sets of ten reps, using the FST approach.


Taking the exercises I've shared with you above to the gym will guarantee an unforgettable arm workout. There are times when you must crush the muscle with excessive force, throwing every weapon in your armory at it. These cable exercise will enable you to do that. To make your biceps look as though they're ready to burst, take PRE-KAGED before you hit these bicep exercises to help increase blood flow to the muscle. The 32g ingredientscoop will help drive up nitric oxide levels, priming you for head turning muscle pumps!

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