Are You Making These Muscle Building Mistakes?


For the past 18 or so years, I’ve managed on average to gain 1.5-2lbs of lean muscle (on average) every year without fail! As the body ages, it becomes harder to build muscle because of hormonal changes and the natural adaptation to training stimuli. For this reason, it’s critical that I always stay in tune with what my body requires to continue evolving. Part of this process is ensuring I don’t ever make any mistakes with the application of my training, diet or supplementation.

Some of the points I check for my own progress have been shared below for you to try. See how many mistakes you’re making, if any at all!

Letting Intensity Slip

Intensity is always the measuring stick I use to quantify training progress! My workouts have fallen men that swore they'd never fall and they've broken “unbreakable” minds. Intensity is not negotiable; my aim is always to do more than my body has been conditioned to before! The moment there’s regression in training intensity muscle loses its purposes, therefore it’s more likely that it will dwindle away.

If you’re in a cycle of mediocrity, then you need to step up! My recommendation is to stack PRE-KAGED and IN-KAGED together to make heightened intensity sustainable for you. Together, these two supplements can help you go into the gym with more energy and carry this throughout. Even as I reach an age where people think it’s impossible for me to keep evolving there’s no doubt these supplements have helped me do the “impossible.”

Missing Meals

My rule for the last 18 years has been not to miss a single meal. Every three hours I will eat a protein dense meal to trigger muscle protein synthesis and provide my muscles with the fuel necessary to grow. Are you able to say with conviction that you’re not missing meals? If you are missing meals, then that’s one whole day of progress lost every time you miss a meal!

If you’re ever caught short, you can turn to quick alternatives such as RE-KAGEDwith rice cakes to give you the bare essentials. Each serving will provide you with 28g of the highest quality whey protein isolate, so there’s no compromise in your muscle building progress.

Falling Behind On Hydration

Nutrition is naturally important, but hydration is also essential! If you fall behind on your hydration for just one day, this can reduce performance in the gym by around 80%, just like that. Intensity immediately becomes compromised, nutrient transport suffers, and you’re left in a state which isn't conducive to building muscle.

Every day, without fail I’ll have between 1-2 gallons of water depending on my exercise schedule as well as the climate. The more I sweat, the more I will drink! Within my water, I’ll have my HYDRA-CHARGE throughout the day. Not only does it make drinking water tastier for me, but it’s also packed with five different electrolytes from tender coconut water extract.

Allowing Fatigue To Win

Sleep is a big part of building muscle. I’m aware that sometimes my schedule means that I do compromise on this. However, I make sure that when I do sleep, I will get very high-quality sleep! I’ll always make sure my room is completely dark, there are no electrical devices in the vicinity to avoid “blue light,” and before bed, I’ll always take thirty minutes to relax first. Doing so helps lower cortisol which can be catabolic and also helps my natural anabolic hormones to remain high.


Even for experienced trainers, it’s easy to make rookie errors once you get into a destructive cycle. This is why I will do regular assessments on myself to guarantee I’m not ever making any mistakes that could kill my muscle growth.

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