​Are you prepared for this?


You need to be prepared for this because it’s going to be painful, not in the usual physical sense though. Very few people in your life will do this for you, but somebody needs to so I’ll be the guy to do it. I’m going to call you out on your bulls*** story which you keep using to justify your inaction, poor consistency and excuses. You’ll understand that I mean this in the most positive way possible, because I want to help you ignite that fire within to create change.

Nothing is going to change in your life until you decide to make that change yourself .

This isn’t going to be a shouting match where I just lecture you, I’m going to address this with purpose. Let’s break down inaction and procrastination into 3 bitesize chunks…

Your Environment

The current environment which you exist in on a daily basis will create the biggest reflection of the person you become, whether that’s for better or worse. This is where the start of your obstacles and excuses breed. From their conception they manifest into something which grips ahold of you and refuse to let go, unless adequate force is used.


Your environment is where obstacles arise and these become your downfall, sometimes it takes time to truly identify that they are even there in your way. Like a ball and chain, these obstacles keep bringing you back to the same position week after week. Different day, same s***.


From your environment come obstacles and from there you start creating excuses to justify the inaction you see yourself falling prisoner to. There’s always an excuse which is on hand to support your decision to fall off track and fail to comply with the programme. Excuses will never be in short supply because they’re cheap!

That’s the cycle you’ve found yourself in which amounts to “on” and “off” days which leaves you with mediocrity. There’s nothing else to blame here other than this s*** storm which you allow yourself to be consumed by.

You keep saying “when that happens I’ll commit…” F*** that , that perfect time will never present itself because it doesn’t exist. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. This is the shift in mind-set you need to go through.

Today, take the first step to the rest of your life. Refuse to be governed and dictated to by bulls*** excuses and living on the terms of others. This is your world which means you can design the environment you require to blossom, it’s a choice you have to make.

Don’t put it off a day more, you’ll never regret taking action but you will regret inaction.

Kris Gethin

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