​Are You Using DTP Correctly?


The Dramatic Transformation Principle is the most used training system in the world, I’ve had over 150MILLION unique downloads worldwide now across my video trainers. With such mass use also comes misunderstandings and often I’ll come across people getting DTP wrong, which is why today I’m going to help you get things right! Here are 3 things you need to know about the application of DTP.


Don’t just pick a really easy weight so you can hit the higher rep ranges with ease, that s*** is barely going to tickle the muscle fibers let alone trash them as I intended! If you’re going after 50 reps and you stick at 30, don’t quit just rest-pause for the rest of the set until you get there. You’re committed now, this is where the intensity is truly born.

Go To Failure

Rep ranges are set to give you guidance and structure, this is totally necessary as part of successful programming. Having said that, it is just a number and your muscles won’t be counting. The currency your muscles understand is pain and stress, that’s it. If you reach 50 reps (or whatever the target might be) and you’ve got 4 more left DO THEM! Inflict as much damage on to those muscles as you can, failure is the only thing which will do that!

Rest Periods

DTP is such a demanding training principle; it won’t just annihilate your muscles it will also leave your lungs struggling for oxygen. This doesn’t matter, you just have to condition yourself to this environment and the only way you’ll do that is by sticking to your rest periods. Don’t try and give yourself longer just because you feel you need it.

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