Build A Huge Back This Summer In 5 Steps


Training like a savaged beast is always a pre-requisite to unnatural results but you also have to apply it properly. There’s no sense in training balls to wall with the wrong form or training plan. The results really show themselves when you’re able to merge these two cornerstones together:

1 Extreme intensity

2 Smart programming

Putting your workouts together properly, making sure every crevice of muscle is annihilated and avoiding a repetitive cycle are all essential. Given the enormity of your back muscles this is even more true in this context.

To build a huge back this summer I’ve created a five-step plan for you.


Back in 2016 I made it my personal mission to crush deadlifts like never before. Within a matter of months I was using 6 plates aside for reps. There is simply no replacement for this where adding thick muscle is concerned. Some people do lack the mobility to deadlift safely so I’d recommend using rack pulls instead. The range of motion is less which means there’s even more freedom to go heavy and develop dense muscle.

Do Unilateral Exercises

Most back exercises are bilateral which means both hands are used to pull. There’s nothing wrong with this but during my 8 Week Hardcore Trainer when I did a full back workout only using unilateral exercises the results were phenomenal. The next day my back was more sore than it had been in years and the connection I experienced was incredible.

To experience improved isolation and benefit from a different kind of stimulus switch to more unilateral exercises. Single arm seated rows, bent over single arm cable rows and even single arm pulldowns are all great choices. Speaking of a better mind to muscle connection, pre-loading your back workout with PRE-KAGED can aid this. The 32g of premium ingredients are designed to enhance the training experience, including a better mind to muscle connection with the use of the NEURO SUPPORT matrix.

Use Cables

Deadlifts, T-bar rows and bent over rows will always have their place in my back workout, however, cable exercises also take priority because they allow for more tension and specificity. Doing seated cable rows, single arm rows with a cable or even a T-bar variant are all exercises I’d highly recommend.

This gives more “pop” to the back muscles especially when you’re being a bit more disciplined with rep tempo and slowing things down.

Super Set

High volume and intensity are two ingredients I very rarely stray away from. Adding super sets into my back workouts ensures I get enough of both and the byproduct is of course annihilation across my back. It pays to remember that the back is a very strong muscle group and it can take a lot of punishment. Sometimes it requires more than regular straight sets to take it down which is why I tend to use super sets.

Moving between two planes of motion is a great place to start, maybe supersetting pulldowns and seated rows. This will get very exhausting so sip on your IN-KAGED between sets to keep fighting the fatigue while staying focused and maintaining strength. It’s equally as important to recover afterwards with RE-KAGED because back workouts are physically taxing and can only be as developed as they are quickly fed.

Pull Up Variations

Pull ups are always a welcomed addition to any back workout, however I recall learning some very unique variations from a gentleman in the gym a few years back. This guy had the most unbelievable waist to back ratio and I got chatting to him, his two favorite pull up variations went like this;

Do a wide grip pull up, as you reach the peak contraction you attempt to push yourself away from the handles whilst staying in that position. This doesn't lead to much movement but it aggressively emphasizes the tension right through the back. It takes a little practice to perfect.

Do a reverse grip pull up, but lean back as you pull upwards so your back is as parallel to the floor as possible. This requires a great deal of core strength and will take time to perfect, but it’s a great move for the lats.


If you’re counting on making some significant improvements to the rear of your physique this summer, you can rely on these tips to make a big contribution. 

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