Building Muscle Can Be Easy


Is building muscle complicated? Not really, in fact the process is quite easy when it comes to breaking down the mechanics. The bit that isn’t as easy is doing what is necessary, every day. That age old quote "I know what I need to do, I just can't do it" rings familiar in this context.

The tick list to building muscle goes something like this:

• Eat a protein rich meal every 3 hours - don't ever skip meals!

• Lift with intensity and always aim for progression

• Consume enough overall calories to accumulate new tissue

• Take your KAGED MUSCLE supplements

• Eat high quality nutrients to maintain a healthy gut

• Stay lean enough so aromatization doesn't interfere with testosterone production

• Repeat!

For sure, there are more intricate details to be discussed along the way which will also make a difference. Overload is to be achieved across multi rep ranges, not just low numbers. The protein you eat every 3 hours must be laced with leucine, to trigger the muscle protein synthesis process. Yet, the fact remains the process isn't that complicated when you look at it like this.

The demanding bit is in the "doing" which comes down to the type of cat you are. Some people are "doers" and others are "quitters" - their excuses will always supersede their desire to achieve, nobody else has it as hard as them. You get the picture!

For the last 18 years all I have done is tick the above list off, day-by-day, week-by-week. As time has passed these seemingly small efforts have accumulated a lot of progress for my physique, yet if I had been sporadic in my application then the results would not have been anywhere near as dramatic.

If you want to build muscle it is this simple - you need to be ticking that list every damn day! No exceptions, no excuses, no ifs or buts.

Got it?

Kris Gethin

My workout tips are very popular within my daily newsletter (sign up HERE) so I’ve collated together some more tricks to make your back grow. There’s a 3 step process which I encourage you to start using for the next 4 weeks to put this to the test. Just don’t forget to “bring it” to the gym and turn up the intensity because your workouts don’t mean s*** without enough intensity plugged in!

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