​Crush Your Back


There isn't an alpha in the land who doesn't have a back which oozes physical prowess. Increasing your wingspan instantly enhances everything about your muscularity, you can wear it like a badge of honor. Like anything worth wearing, it has to be earned which is what you're going to be doing in the gym today.

I’ve got yet another violent back workout, infused with lashings of unforgiving lactic acid.

Does that sound good to you? I hope so!

T-Bar Rows 3 X 8-10 reps

Close Grip Seated Cable Rows 3 X 10-12 reps

OverheadMachine Pullover 3 X 12-14 reps

Deadlifts 4 X 6 reps

Pull Ups 3 X failure

Usually pull ups and deadlifts will be done at the start of a back workout because they're so aggressive on your CNS, energy systems and grip. Today you're doing the opposite, think of this as doing unnatural things for unique results.

Every set all the way up to the deadlifts will follow the same format, taking 60 second rest intervals. Once you get to the deadlifts, increase this to 90 seconds so that you're able to recover enough to move big weight. No p***ing about, it's time to lift hard!

Then to finish, you've got 45 seconds rest between each set on pull ups. The aggressive nature of this workout means that you will need some help first, in the form of PRE-KAGED. The world's most highly reviewed pre-workout will prime you with 32g of the finest patented ingredients which are dosed to support results.

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