Deltoid Destruction


I’m sure that you’ve endured some of my sadistic shoulder sessions to force the evolution of your shoulders. It’s time for another because if I keep on giving you these challenges to rise to you will keep striving for more which is exactly what I want to see, it’s my purpose in life and the oxygen in my lungs seeing you transform into a leaner, bigger and healthier human being.

This workout is pure volume, riddled with some pretty sick techniques to make your delts bleed even more in this unforgiving environment both you and I love to co-exist within.

Exercise 1: Dumbbell Side Raises Triple Drop Set for 3 sets - 25 reps per drop set (75 reps per set)

Exercise 2: Lying Straight Bar Cable Front Raises On Bench for 4 sets - 20 reps per set

Exercise 3: Single Dumbbell Front Raise (two handed) With Extension at top for 4 sets - 15 reps per set

Exercise 4: Incline Bench Chest Supported Rear Dumbbell Flies for 4 sets - 20 reps per set

Exercise 5: Seated Overhead Press Machine Triple Drop Set for 3 sets - 15 reps per drop set (45 reps per set)

That’s you outta’ there (without being able to barely lift your arms to sip on your RE-KAGED afterwards!

To make this experience as intense and as effective as possible, afford yourself just 90 seconds between each set. Any longer and the blood will begin to dissipate from the shoulders which you don’t want to happen!

If you’re chasing the sickest pump you’ve ever seen, making your veins pop across your torso then you need to walk into this workout fuelled by PRE-KAGED!

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