​Discover How To Make ATP Work For You


ATP is the currency which your muscle spends to generate power and strength against the weight in the gym. It is properly known as adenosine tri-phosphate and your body usually has anywhere between 7-12 seconds worth of ATP stored to use without needing a break at a maximal level. This is one of the reasons why you fail when you’re doing a 6-10 rep range to failure with heavy weight.

I’m not going to overwhelm you with science today because that’s not my style; I need to break this information down for you into easily digestible chunks so you can take something away from this. My mission today is to explain how improving your ATP production will benefit your training performance immensely, and how that can help you build muscle.

By helping your body naturally resynthesize ATP quicker, for longer you unlock new levels of muscular endurance and strength in the gym. It’s like putting higher octane racing fuel in a car; it instantly helps it perform better through exactly the bio-mechanisms as before. If your ATP naturally runs out at around 10 seconds, by naturally bolstering your ATP resynthesis it might grow to 15 or 17 seconds long in trained athletes.

In the gym this means that your 8 rep weight has now gone to 10 or 11 reps, without making any other changes. This is the definition of progressive overload, making your muscle work for longer with the same weight which takes it to a darker place where it’s never had to cope before. After experiencing this, it grows bigger and stronger… Now remember this is just because of one change, which is naturally supporting your ATP production and improving it.

How can you do this?

Some cats like to eat more red meat because of the natural creatinine levels, others use cheap creatine monohydrate but I only ever use CREATINE HCl. There is no better way to aid your body in boosting ATP production than by using CREATINE HCl.

Every other creatine fails to identify the biggest problem in boosting ATP production and that’s your gut. No matter how much you take for creatine to become effective it has to reach your muscle cell, where it then becomes an active agent. Every creatine other than CREATINE HCl is not very successful at travelling through the harsh conditions of your gut, which is why people always complain about gut problems when they use creatine. The HCl component of the creatine I use addresses all of this and instantly makes an impact.

You don’t even need to load with it either, it’s that efficient. You can get the only patented CREATINE HCl in the world HERE, to see exactly how good it is for yourself.

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