​Do You Count Calories?


Some people like to get obsessive with their calories and macros, weighing everything out and others like to eye ball the food they’re eating. There’s only one optimal way to do things and that is by tracking everything, anything else is just guessing which means you won’t be doing things as perfectly as you could.

However there does seem to be some confusion between calorie counting and the important of eating solid, clean food. If you’ve worked out that you need to consume 2,500 calories a day to drop weight that’s cool but there’s still a huge importance in filling those calories with the right food and macros. There’s also a need to plan your meals and consume them evenly through the day, every 3 hours where you also time specific foods around your workouts based on how fast they digest. This is why I always recommend RE-KAGED immediately after training and first thing in the morning… The two times of day where only the very fastest digesting protein in the world will do!

Before bed you’ll want something much slower digesting, which is where something like beef might work for you as an example.

The point I’m trying to make to you here is that calorie counting is part of getting ripped and it does matter however you’ve got to be smart enough to understand it goes way deeper than that.

It goes way further than just “hitting your macros” as well…

  • Food Quality
  • Meal Frequency
  • Bioavailability / Rate Of Digestion
  • These are things you have to always think of, as well as your overall calorie intake. Don’t get sucked into that mentality that calories are the only thing that matter, that’s just not true. Stick by my side and follow the advice I’ve given you today and I assure you the results will prove me right.

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