​Do You Need To Bulk Or Cut?


This question always really hits me when I do public seminars and guest appearances, because I get to see the faces (and physiques) of the people who ask me questions online, which is obviously a really great experience for me. I can’t help but notice a lot of people start off on a bulk when they really should be on a cut, and then there’s those who are on a cut when they really need to be on a bulk.

Here’s the most immediate example I can think of which will relate to you… Years ago I was helping my little cousin with his training and diet. When I met up with him in my local gym back in Wales we trained arms, the kid was 16 years old and not even 140lbs. Yet he wanted to get “cut” which didn’t make any sense to me. At that point he needed to bulk up and spend the time gaining quality muscle before going through any cut. Naturally I put him on a bulking diet and it did the trick as usual.

Why would you want to put your body in an energy deficit, suppress your natural anabolic hormones and entice catabolism into your life when you have so little muscle to spare? It doesn’t make sense; you have to choose your goal based on what makes sense for your current circumstances.

You will always find it easier to get lean when you carry more muscle because it is highly metabolically active. If you’re skinny and go on a cut, you will just be left with skin and bones. Sure you might have abs but that s*** doesn’t count in my world without the muscle to back it up!

If we change the circumstances and take somebody who is overweight it doesn’t make sense for them to go on a bulk because consuming that amount of calories is only going to make them get fatter and exacerbate the problems they face. When you’re fat your estrogen levels are higher because aromatisation will peak in these conditions, your testosterone levels will become compromised and your insulin health will be poor to say the least. Under these circumstances the last thing you need is more calories, you need to turn things around and establish a lean foundation to build from first.

The perfect time to begin a bulk is when you’re lean, not fat, because your body will suck up the food you feed it and will be less prone to storing it as fat on your love handles.

Can you see where I’m coming from ?

Before you just jump into your diet and training stop and think about where you are now and where you want to get to. Maybe you’re skinny and you want to be ripped with muscle, but you have to build that muscle first to then cut back down. Sometimes the road isn’t always a straight one, which is why you need to think about how you’re going to navigate it successfully.

Kris Gethin

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