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During my most recent crusade to conquer new endurance based physical challenges, I’ve discovered how to optimize performance on all fronts. There can be no weakness when I’m training like a bodybuilder doing my anaerobic power based training while building my aerobic performance for my upcoming IRONMAN. Performance is the foundation of all progress because it provides the output required to illicit change. This comes in the shape of hypertrophic response as well as burning fuel along with energy system conditioning. This is how I’ve optimized my performance to cover all bases.

Meal Timings

The timing of my meals always reflects the outcome I’m aiming for. My pre-workout meal is rich in easily digestible foods from natural carbohydrate sources. My fat content is always low in this meal to avoid slowing down the digestion process. I include a broad spectrum of veggies to give my body the foundation nutrition it requires to fight free radicals and toxins, which my body can be more vulnerable to during stressful bouts of training. Usually, my protein will come from fish rather than meat, along with some vegetarian protein on occasions because these are much easier for my GI tract to process especially before the gym.

My post-workout meal is never late; I’ll always make sure I get this down one hour after training. This meal will also have an abundance of natural carbohydrates to help replenish muscle and liver glycogen levels, particularly after prolonged endurance training. For sure, I’ll have my RE-KAGED right after training before my post workout meal to get an instant hit of 28g of the highest quality hydrolyzed protein to help with the recovery process.

Mental Focus

Having read more books than ever on performance and mindset I’ve discovered a lot of it comes from within the mind. Removing distractions before training, reaching the right height of mental excitement for the task at hand and finding my rhythm all matter. Things which aren't crucial to my performance during my training are not given time in my mind. Otherwise, my output will suffer.

This approach does require being ruthless with time management as well as developing tunnel vision for the duration of the training session. During my endurance training, I’ve also resorted to avoiding headphones so that I’m able to engage with my body’s rhythm mentally, something that has been particularly useful in disciplines such as running.

Varied Training Stimulus

To be the all round performance athlete there has to be a broad spectrum of training stimulus. My aerobic conditioning will consist of high intensity interval training to improve lactic acid buffering, more prolonged endurance training to heighten my oxygen capacity and my weight training will also contribute towards this.

There are three energy systems which must all be conditioned properly otherwise performance will dip when your body reaches certain thresholds. The goal is to make my body as efficient as possible at turning fuel over, fighting fatigue and removing lactic acid from my muscles during training.

Specific Supplementation

There is no way I would have reached the heights I have with my endurance events without my KAGED MUSCLE supplementation. There’s no “sales” agenda here; this is just a fact! Performance begins with ensuring hydration is taken care of otherwise it can plummet significantly! For this reason, I don’t go a day without HYDRA-CHARGE in my water. However, peak performance requires more than simply staying hydrated.

IN-KAGED intra-workout endurance fuel steps in during longer workouts to help fight fatigue and boost performance efficiency. Due to the extreme intensity of my training regime, there’s no doubt the fermented BCAAs and GLUTAMINE I consume during the day have helped as well, enabling my body to recover in time for the next performance based workout.


Bringing your performance levels up is about filling the gaps with the necessary tools. All of the things I’ve alluded to will help you in the short and long term. Take it from me; this stuff works!

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