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This won’t be the first time that you’ve been told you need to eat more protein, it’s probably the first thing you heard about when you decided to start learning about building muscle. Do you have a good understanding of what protein you need, why you need it and how much you actually require? I’ve avoided this topic until now because I’ve seen it covered a thousand times before, but I keep getting requests so I’m going to throw down my view for you right here about your protein requirements.

How Much Do I Need?

This will depend but I’ve always subscribed to the rule of getting on average (depending on goal and my suggested program) 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight, not taking your body fat into account. If you weigh 200lbs, you have 20% body fat then you will need 225g protein (1.5 x 150). Regardless of what others might tell you this is the range I’ve always found to be more effective for building muscle naturally and staving away the catabolic effects of training and your lifestyle.

How Do I Format This?

I’ve always stuck to my guns on meal frequency, with you requiring a meal every 3 hours. This usually works out around 6-7 meals a day including your post-workout RE-KAGED shake. By spreading your feeding intervals out you get to maximise your muscle protein synthesis rate with a leucine based protein spiking these levels for you, every 3 hours. This is the most influential thing behind muscle recovery and hypertrophy.

What Protein Do I Need?

You need to get lots of protein from different places, mainly from lean animal protein like poultry, beef, fish and egg whites. For sure, you will need your post workout RE-KAGED and maybe one first thing in the morning to make getting enough down convenient on the go. Personally my animal protein comes from fish for the most part, as I tend to follow a pescatarian style diet these days down to personal choice. Mix things up so you get different sorts of amino acids in your diet, you keep intolerances at bay and you don’t get so bored of the same food.

Protein shakes have almost gained a halo effect image especially to newbies in the gym because people think they posses’ special powers. Most of the blends you see for sale are full of crap, cheap fillers, synthetic flavoring and poor protein sources. RE-KAGED is your best choice because it’s the world’s fastest digesting protein, perfect for post workout and first thing in the morning. It’s the most pure hydrolyzed whey, spiked with the PROHYDROLASE enzymes to make it digest even quicker pushing 28g of the finest protein into your muscle immediately. It tastes bloody awesome as well…

Has that helped?

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