​Eating On A Lean Budget


As you may be able to imagine I get so many different messages from around the world every single day and I think I must have heard every excuse known to man. Budget is one which keeps popping up and I do empathise with you because I understand what it’s like to have to prioritise certain things which sometimes leaves you short on dollars to spend on high quality food.

But I’m here to tell you that eating clean doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, it really doesn’t. Listen, I lived in India for several years where there’s abject poverty and still those guys control their environment to follow a diet which supports their goals. So forgive me for not believing you can’t do this as well.

To help you along the way I’ve gathered together 4 tips which I’ve used over the years to help keep my grocery bill as lean as my abs. These are things which you can do as well.


These days it’s not so difficult to get access to wholesalers, many places offer day passes to shop in their store. If you’ve got the freezer space I recommend you go in and buy in bulk to get your price per unit down. Over the course of a year this will pay dividends and make your transformation a cheaper journey to embark upon. In these sorts of places if you commit to a weekly order you can often request an even better price as well, it’s always worth asking.

Last Minute Bargain Hunting

Back in Wales, my cousin used to head out to a local supermarket close to shutting time and scan the meat aisles for last minute bargain deals. Any food establishment which carries meat, fish and other fresh produce will have a “sell by date” which means as that food nears the end of its shelf life it becomes less valuable. If they don’t manage to sell this food then they’ve literally thrown dollars down the drain. To help claw back some of these costs they’ll often heavily discount joints of meat and pieces of fish at the end of the trading day. Try your luck and go in as they near closing time, you might bag yourself a bargain.

Go Frozen

Some frozen produce is drastically cheaper and isn’t always lacking in nutrients either. Things like your veggies and even white fish can be a good shout if your budget is really tight. Of course, in an ideal world you’d be buying everything organic, fresh, reared locally etc but that might not be feasible for you. In this case the frozen aisle can be a good shout, but avoid the meats because they can be full of s*** and fat.

Befriend A Butcher

OK, I say this in jest but what I’m getting at is going to your local butcher and becoming a familiar face can really go some way in paving your way to discounted meat. If you explain to your butcher that you’ll be ordering a lot of meat every week more often than not they’ll welcome the surge in business and reward you with some form of discount. If you’re really keen to get the best deal, band your gym buddies together and commit to an even bigger order each week with your butcher, they’ll do you an even better deal I bet!

Some of these take a bit of effort and enterprise on your behalf but it’s certainly worth the effort if you’re looking to make things less cost prohibitive.

Kris Gethin

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