​Eating On The Go


Accountability and organisation are going to be pivotal to your success, being organised and meticulous with your food prep was one of the commandments I allude to. If you can’t commit the time, effort, or investment into managing your food preparation then you may as well forget the rest of this journey.

I’m not here to hold your hand or give you a pat on the back. I’m here to arm you with the knowledge required to eat on the go, and prevent it becoming your excuse.

Keep It Simple

If you’ve got a frantic week where time is very precious, my advice to you is keep things simple. Load up your fridge and cool bag with “dry” foods which are ready to eat at a moment’s notice. Deli meat, smoked fish, nuts, legumes, rice cakes, oat cakes, peanut butter and dried fruits are all ideas for you. If you can keep these sorts of food available on your person and in your house, you won’t ever have to forgo your meal even when free time is very scarce.

The simplicity of this advice is why it’s so useful to you, in phases of your life where you have no spare time you need simple solutions. Don’t over complicate things.

Hit Trip Advisor

OK, maybe you don’t want to use Trip Advisor to plan your next meal but at the very least it helps me to teach you a very helpful food prep “hack.”

Wherever your travels take you, no matter where in the world, you need to get acquainted with the locality and the food which is going to be available to you. Hit up some of the local eating establishments online and check their menus. Can they accommodate your dietary needs?

Make a list of these places in advance before you even arrive. This list has now become another resource for you to get food very easily, which attributes towards your adherence on the diet you’re following.

Emergency Meals

Those first two points should mean that you never find yourself in a situation where you’re out of choices when the clock strikes “meal time.” Remember, these are already on top of your regular day to day food prep you’re doing as well. But if all else fails you need an emergency option because missing a meal just isn’t an option .

It’s really simple again, and deliberately so.

Carry a shaker with you wherever you are (your house, your workout, your holiday, and your travels) which contains protein powder and oats. That’s all! This gives you very quick access to vital protein, carbohydrates and a small amount of fat (oats contain fat remember).

If you cannot make it work with these strategies alongside your regular food prep then there’s no hope for you. You either have the choice to take action or make an excuse, you can’t have both. 

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