​How Do I Stay Motivated?


There are very few people who truly inspire me, Gary Vaynerchuck is one of those people. His enthusiasm for the life he leads and oxygen he breathes is contagious. The man’s hustle knows no limits and motivation never seems to escape him, not even on a Monday morning. When somebody asked this very famous multimillionaire how he stays motivated his answer was this: “How do you not stay motivated?”

This is the perfect response and it mirrors what I think as well. When you sit back and think of all the suffering in the world and those people who are unfortunate to be struck with terminal illness, how the f*** can you complain about lacking motivation? There is something really frustrating about somebody saying they have no motivation when they are perfectly able to exercise and are blessed with good health.

Before this turns into a rant which wasn’t the intention, let me give you some really good practical advice.

You have got to do some digging and discover why you want to achieve the goals you typed out into your notes last New Year’s Eve. What was the reason you said you wanted to get ripped abs, build more lean muscle or drop 35lbs? Emotionally what state were you in when you decided this needed to happen and what source of pain was squeezing your stomach from the inside to the point it was full of knots?

That is the “thing” you need to focus on, nothing else! The pain which exists beneath your skin has to reach a point where it’s no longer tolerable for you to find the real why. Then you suddenly have purpose. For Gary Vee his “why” is to buy the New York Jets. For me it is to help effect as many people in the world as possible with positivity, free information on healthy living and inspire them to look after their body. That’s it. Every morning when I get up before 5am, wishing I could lie in that “why” gets my ass up!

I’m sorry if you were looking for a shoulder to cry on but you need to step up and be counted for. The world will pass you by whether or not you’re ready for it, so you may as well find that why and stop wasting time you’ll never get back!

The next time you think to yourself “I’m not motivated” think of this message from me to you, and go searching for that “why.” I don’t care if it is to be around for your children or grand children in the future, to inspire others to do as you have done or purely for vanity reasons. What I do care about is you finding this why because I’m desperate for you to improve your health and sustain it, that’s my purpose. 

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