​How Good Are Your Eggs?


You’re probably eating a lot of eggs and egg whites in your diet, just like me. They’re a cheap source of protein, taste pretty good and are highly convenient. They’re also very versatile, you’ll see I like to throw them in my protein pancakes amongst other things.

With 6 grams of protein and 5g of fat per egg (or 3g of protein per egg white and zero fat) they make sense. They’ve also got vitamin B2, vitamin B6, zinc, selenium as well as other minerals which are all beneficial to your body.

However, you need to start thinking deeper than this. What about the quality of your eggs? Where are they sourced from? How are the chickens reared who produce these eggs? What are they fed? These are questions you can’t afford to ignore once you begin to take your nutrition more seriously. In the same way I’m stringent on testing and researching the highest quality ingredients in the world for KAGED MUSCLE, I research how the food I eat is produced. These are the kind of details which separate the good from the great and as you become more dedicated to your evolution you’ll appreciate this attention to detail.

Growing up in the hills of Wales exposed me to farming at it’s purest form from a very early age. The eggs we’d have from chickens on the farm would have golden yolks, yet the mass produced “caged” eggs you see in the grocery store today are a pale yellow. Do you know why? The diet the organic chickens are given is far more wholesome which creates that amazing golden yolk, but it isn’t just the colour that their diet effects.

Lots of studies pertain to the fact that organically reared chickens produce eggs which are higher in omega 3 (the healthiest form of fat), lower in bad cholesterol and richer in vitamins.

For sure there’s added value to your health by investing in organic eggs, but today’s article goes so much deeper than eggs. What about the meat you’re eating? What about the fish? Everything you eat should be of the purest form you can reach within your means. Just like you, I notice the extra cost and I understand it’s not always easy to afford the extra, but anything which is an attribute to my health gets my vote.

In the same way you’ve opened your eyes up to what good supplementation should really look like by investing in KAGED MUSCLE, I want you to be more diligent with the source of your food. 

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