​How Injury Prone Are You?


I’ve trained long enough to know that injuries will happen to anybody no matter how immortal you feel and I’m also wise enough to know injuries will derail your progress fast. Some cats will listen to this advice whilst others will continue bathing in their ignorance, until something goes pop. Allow me to forcefully encourage you to be in the first group and take heed, injuries are never a good thing and they’re never far around the corner so you’ve got to be taking the necessary precautions.

My expertise doesn’t lie in injury prevention itself but I do spend a lot of time with experts in this field because I obviously get a lot of therapy done on my own body, because as you know I invest heavily in my health and longevity.

If my therapists could collate and compress their wisdom into 3 power points for you today this is what they would say to you, to help distance your body against injuries.

Become Flexible

If your attention is undivided on building more muscle then you’ve probably not even acknowledged the benefits of becoming flexible in your peripheral vision, let alone at the forefront of your mind.

Possibly the biggest offence bodybuilders and people alike (any body who lifts, regardless of purpose) make is they become very rigid and immobile around their joints. Imagine a piece of spaghetti and how it’s flexible even when you bend it. Now put that in a freezer and try and bend it, what happens? That’s right, it snaps!

This is the position you’re putting your joints in when you become really immobile and inflexible, you’re hedging the chances of suffering an injury because there’s less grace when resistance pushes against you.

Doing things like yoga and various other flexibility drills as part of your daily routine is going to bullet proof you against suffering injuries. Maybe doing yoga tests your alpha instinct, but the truth is it will only unleash a stronger version of you.

Be Patient

Don’t jump straight into the deep end when you get to the gym, warm up correctly. If experience has taught me one thing, then its to prime your body for action first, and then kill it! You must give your body the opportunity to increase the elasticity of the tissues you’re working and produce enough synovial fluid to lubricate the joints. This is done by warming up properly, allowing ample time for your body to become prepared. Your warm up should take around 10 minutes.

Reduce Scarring

Get your scar tissue broken down and worked on frequently by a therapist who understands the mechanics of muscle tissue and the synergy involved in building muscle. We all have scar tissue, it’s a byproduct of being alive and exercising. Getting it reduced back down into a more supple version of its former self alleviates stress on your joints and allows for correct movement across all planes of motion.

Once you’ve had your first release therapy done you will feel like a new person.

If you go away today and foster these 3 tips your training will become a much more formidable force in your life because you will start to perform more efficiently, and with much less risk. 

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