​How Positive Are You?


Do you subscribe to the idea that you have the choice to be positive or not? Take a look around you, listen for just a moment and you will hear the constant droning on of people complaining about how life isn’t fair, bad things only happen to them and how sorry they feel for themselves. Every cat out there is at it and it’s bulls***! Negativity only manifests more negativity; if you choose to spew these kind of thoughts out from your mind don’t be surprised that your reality reflects this. Likewise if you allow it to, positivity will suck more happiness, progress and good natured things into your life.

It’s a choice; you get to choose whether to think like a positive person or a negative person. There’s no promise that even with a positive mind-set that you will never face adversity, but having a good outlook on life will dictate how you deal with this situation and how the aftermath will effect you. Again, there’s choices to be made here by you.

For sure, this is away from the gym floor I know, but I’m all about helping you create a better life which promises better health, a happier existence and a sense of self-fulfillment. My message travels way beyond getting jacked, it has to be about more than that. However the gym is an extremely valuable component of the process…

If you’re in great shape you’re going to be more mentally fulfilled and confident which makes you happier. Being happier makes it easier to be a positive person… If positivity oozes from your persona then you will attract more positivity into your life and naturally repel the negative s*** you don’t need to waste your time with.

You can see before your eyes the cycle which is emerging, can’t you?

I’m going to put you under the spotlight now… Do you bitch and moan about everything or are you the type of person who always looks for the best even when presented with a bad situation?

If you’re a negative person then we need to fix that, quickly. Negativity will never get you anywhere in life or lead to happiness, so lets stop that right now. Every day, you need to think of 3 things you can be positive about and start looking for the best in things.

If you want a happier, more positive life with better results then start showing that with your own attitude…

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