Is Your Nighttime Nutrition Right?


For the last 18 years, I’ve always had a meal before bed, whether that’s through whole foods or taking supplements. It’s a time of day that people forget about yet it’s possibly one of the most important times to eat. Heightened recovery, faster muscle growth, and even better sleep are all linked to eating, the right thing, before bed. For sure it goes against the traditional way of thinking, but I’m here to tell you that it’s something you should be doing. Here is what I do to get my nighttime nutrition on point.

Slow Release Protein

During the night I go around six hours without any protein, so I have to make sure I consume the right type before bed. If I don’t, then my muscles are at higher risk of being subjected to catabolism. My choice is always KASEIN because it gives an ultra-premium slow release of protein which can sustain elevated amino acid levels in my blood for hours. KASEIN also tastes amazing, making my pre-bedtime shake enjoyable while being easy on the stomach.

Fiber Content

Eating before bed is about prolonging the food for as long as possible. Having fiber helps because it slows down food digestion. If I want a low-calorie option, I will add an organic greens powder to my KASEIN because this gives me the fiber and simultaneously gut benefiting factors. If I need more calories, then I will mix my KASEIN with oats, fruit, and occasionally chopped nuts. Usually, I’ll choose the vanilla flavor because it goes deliciously with berries and nuts!

Carb Coma

Having oats with my KASEIN doesn't just give extra calories to recover and build muscle; it can help me sleep. The carbohydrates make my body pump out more serotonin which is known for its ability to improve sleep. That’s where the “carb coma” reference comes from!

Be wary, I won’t have oats and fruit this time of night usually unless I’m specifically trying to build muscle mass. Please keep this in mind, if you’re on a transformation I recommend sticking to my lower calorie alternative.

Important Minerals

Along with my KASEIN, I also supplement with magnesium and zinc. Both minerals are beneficial before bed to improve sleep, let my CNS recover from training and even help my natural testosterone peak during sleep. Many disregard supplements like this, but as you gain experience, you learn to appreciate them more.


These points describe the perfect concoction for muscle growth, although I notice a lot of people don’t give pre-bedtime nutrition the credit it deserves. In the same way having your RE-KAGED after training is essential for quick recovery, the same can be said for your KASEIN along with everything I’ve listed.

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