​Just Go For It


My aim is to serve you well enough with the motivation you need so that you’re able to remove the invisible ball and chain from around your ankles which is obstructing your path to a new healthy life.

Let me start by saying that I get it. Devastation, depression and the avalanche of things which fall from nowhere in life have the potential to obstruct you. However what I don’t get is why you allow these things to take control, because whilst it is true they carry the potential to hold you back they are not armed with the rights to do so. You’re just letting them, and I don’t get it.

Hesitation is bred from a lack of self-motivation and over analysis, two traits which the majority of the world are drugged with one way or another. It’s time for you to detox the mind of these two things which are killing your momentum, and could end up finishing you off.

From my position looking in there’s nothing stopping you, other than the bulls*** story you keep telling yourself every day to justify your lack lustre effort. Nobody has a gun to your head, backing you into a corner against your will. What p***es me off is that I’ve lived in some countries where people have not had the opportunity to live healthy lives; it’s taken out of their hands. Why do you bow down to this manufactured story in your head so easily, when you could just tell it to f*** off and become the animal you’ve got the potential to become?

Sit there and allow yourself to wither in the harsh conditions where no exercise exists and processed food spews in abundance. That is your call, after all. Just don’t complain to me that you can’t get yourself in the shape you claim to wish for, when you’ve got everything in front of you necessary to make it happen.

I’ve done this without compromise when I could barely meet my rent payment each month, so don’t come at me with that excuse. If you can’t afford to go to the gym, then do circuits at home. Just quite the bulls*** story which doesn’t really exist and stop hesitating.

Never will you grow to regret the decision to begin a journey, the only regret you will suffer is for those things you never got around to doing. So tell me again why exactly you’re not trying?

Kris Gethin

My workout tips are very popular within my daily newsletter (sign up HERE) so I’ve collated together some more tricks to make your back grow. There’s a 3 step process which I encourage you to start using for the next 4 weeks to put this to the test. Just don’t forget to “bring it” to the gym and turn up the intensity because your workouts don’t mean s*** without enough intensity plugged in!

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