Learning Mental Boundaries


Tolerance to pain and struggle is something you need to develop, a brittle resilience is not going to be a good companion on this journey. With no thought for physical potential, the mind is capable of things you never believed possible if only you’d just nudge those boundaries a little.

Lacking genetics is an excuse, a reason born from weak mindedness to substantiate the feeling that you can “only do so much.” If only you’d wire your mind with limitless belief and a tolerance for physical pain you could wring so much more potential from your physical being. The little boy inside your mind will always scream, “STOP” as the fibers crumble under infused carnage. The question is, can you roar back and silence that yelp?

Begging for mercy only makes you vulnerable in these parts; you cannot expect to survive for long in this habitat if you’re comfortable displaying this kind of fear. When the burn begins to punch your mental resolve into submission, punch back harder. Go toe to toe with the very thing that has sabotaged you; once and for all crush it!

The hysteria that surrounds my training principles has never bothered me; I know what the body craves for even if the mind tries to convince me otherwise. Every workout you do should resemble progression; a bout of violent punishment on the muscle you’re demanding to grow is the only way to go about this. Anything else is just “training” which should be reserved for the mere mortals who are happy to frequent the gym year on year, spending more time Snap Chatting rather than dissolving weakness.

For me, as I make my way to the gym the world becomes silent. The only thing I can hear are the thoughts inside my head, geeing me up to win yet another physical battle. These echoes are laced with the thud of heavy metal music, antagonizing me to evolve into the machine within for the next hour or so. This is all compounded by the acceleration of my heart rate, as my veins expand thanks to the PRE-KAGEDgalloping through my blood stream.

As the entrance to the gym beckons, there are no longer any mental boundaries that exist within my brain. Nothing is going to come in-between victory and myself, no matter how much that torch burns I’ll hit back harder!

Can you say the same? 

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