My Guide To Dieting While Traveling


Almost every day somebody will complain to me about their travel schedule getting in the way of their nutrition. My first and only reaction is bulls***! Every three hours I will get my meal down regardless of my surroundings. My mantra has always been to control your environment otherwise you’ll become controlled by it. Travel is just another thing we all do to varying degrees; it’s not a worthy excuse for allowing your nutrition to falter. At the end of every year, I will have lost count the number of flights I’ve taken, hotels I’ve stayed in and miles I’ve covered. If you’re the type of person who always looks for excuses to justify inaction then you have two choices:

A. Leave right now and carry on as you are

B. Stop coming up with these excuses, follow my lead and start afresh

The choice is yours but if you choose to follow me, make sure you come prepared because there will be hand holding here! My job is to provide you with an action plan to overcome obstacles, not indulge you and the excuses which have defeated you until now.

Here is my guide to nutrition while traveling.

Always Have Emergency Supplies

The first thing I always do is ensure that I have the bare essentials so that in the event of a delayed flight or not being able to find appropriate food, I stay on track. Usually, this will consist of:

RE-KAGED - this gives me ultra-premium hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, so I know muscle protein synthesis is getting a boost until the next meal.

Rice cakes & dried fruit - together these foods provide me with a good supply of carbohydrates and micro nutrition. The blend of carbohydrates here will help with muscle and liver glycogen, which is important to me.

That’s it as far as a “bare essentials” option goes. The only variation might be swapping RE-KAGED for KASEIN if it’s my last meal of the day and I need a slower release of amino acids while I sleep.

Educate Yourself On Your Destination

Before you even travel look up which food stores are within a mile radius of where you’re staying. Usually, there are always food establishments which offer healthy alternatives if you’re prepared to look for them. By having a list of places on hand, you know you can get the food you need. Being prepared gives you no excuse to choose something less healthy as most people do on their travels.

Go Prepared!

Before I ever set off on a journey, I will always have my meals with me ready. These will be from my preferred meal prep company, Nutrition Solutions, or I will have cooked meals myself. In my freezer there are always frozen cooked meals as well so I can grab them at a moment’s notice and allow them to defrost as I travel. The fact they are frozen means they stay chilled during my travel which keeps the food fresher.

Take Control

You are responsible for your own outcome so always take control. When I travel I will call ahead to my hotel and make sure that they have the facilities I require to stay on track. Usually, I will ask them to put a small fridge in my room, and if they have rooms with cooking facilities, I’ll always ask to stay in there.

Hotels will be happy to provide you with the things you need if you have the foresight to ask!


If you find yourself missing meals don’t ever look for excuses, it’s entirely on your head.

Now go back through the points I’ve given and learn how you can fix the issues you keep facing. There will be a solution if you want the results!

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