My Guide To Making Your Diet Work Whilst Traveling


Sometimes it feels like I spend more time in the air than on the ground, hopping from one city or continent to the next. Still, this is no excuse to allow my diet to become in anyway sabotaged. My will to succeed is always greater than the obstacles which face me, even when traveling thousands of miles some weeks.

My experience in dieting whilst traveling is extensive, there is no scenario I haven't faced. I even had to stay on track whilst also feeding my client, Hrithik Roshan (Bollywood star), in the middle of the dessert using a camping stove whilst living in a tent. As I said, no obstacle is too great.

Today I’m going to delve into the top four diet tips I’ve learned and apply myself whilst on the road. Undoubtedly these will be of huge benefit to you.

Frozen Meals

Without fail, I’ll cook a bunch of meals every week and then freeze them so I’ve always got a surplus of muscle sparing meals on hand. Sometimes when I travel these are last minute trips which leave me with very little time to prepare. By planning for the unexpected these unforeseen trips never catch me off guard.

As I leave my house I can pack my frozen meals into a cool bag and let them defrost as I travel, giving me the perfect source of food at my destination.


Before I travel I will usually make contact with the hotel I’m staying at and explain my personal needs. Nowadays, it is very easy to find accommodating hotels where more people than ever have special requests. About 15 years ago it was much harder to get the hotel staff to accommodate your nutritional needs. These days I find it very easy.

Explain that you'd like a fridge in your hotel room so you can stock your meals and ask if the chef would be willing to cook you some clean meals. Basics like egg whites with oats, plain chicken, steak and potatoes are all options over the conventional menu. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!


As well as communicating with the place I’m staying at I also like to pre-plan by scanning Google for places I can eat within the area I’m traveling to. This will include supermarkets, restaurants and cafes. By giving myself more options, I’m less likely to meet an obstacle that I can’t somehow overcome.

The Bare Essentials

When all else fails, I like to rely on a few essentials which I never fail to carry on my person, especially when traveling. These include my RE-KAGED and KASEIN so I have both fast- and slow-digesting sources of protein. If I’m in need of a fast-digesting protein upon waking, I can rely upon my RE-KAGED. If I’m short of options before bed where I need a slow-digesting protein, then I can have KASEIN. If I need a meal replacement, I will combine half a scoop of RE-KAGED and half a scoop of KASEIN. Again, by keeping these options open for myself, I’m never caught short.

For ease of transportation I’ll put them into small clear zip-up bags or carry the powder in my shakers then all I have to do is find some water, and my protein needs are taken care of. For instant carbohydrates I like to carry dried fruit and rice cakes, this makes life nice and easy.


It’s all about planning which relies on a certain level of dedication. Nothing can matter more. We’re in 2017 where there are loads of options if we’re willing to open our eyes and recognize them.

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