Part 1: “Life Through My Eyes” With Kris Gethin


Every two weeks I’m going to give you an uncensored insight into my life exclusively on! Life through my eyes”is all about sharing my diary with you, explaining how I go about things and my reasoning behind it. Success is something we can all plan for; I’m about to show you how!

August, 2017

The IRONMAN event is something I only started training for six months ago. This is something most people claimed to be far too ambitious; I had to prove them wrong. Not just through completing the IRONMAN, but by showing them how much muscle I’ve managed to gain and fat I’ve lost simultaneously. Leaving naysayers in disbelief makes me tick! To be successful at what you do, you've got to be determined enough to succeed against the odds.

Couer d’Alene is just a short one-hour flight away from where I live in Boise. Sunshine and I headed there on the Thursday before my IRONMAN. Once landed we got our rental car. I asked if we could be upgrade to a “mid sized” vehicle so I had extra space to carry my bike which a friend called Ethan Knapp was delivering for me (who, incidentally, got second at this very IRONMAN in his age category!!). During the journey from the airport to our residence we listened to slow paced music, I even drove more slowly and slowed down my speech. These habits are designed to reduce anxiety, nervousness and allow myself to feel relaxed; it’s extremely powerful! With little stress, we enjoyed the journey to our bed & breakfast I’d booked months in advance. It was beautifully tranquil, situated in the countryside away from people and around six miles out of the town. Upon our arrival I was delighted to see the house was decorated in a Victorian guise and positioned in woodland. This isolated countryside setting brings back childhood comforts of being brought up on a farm in my native Wales, this is where I feel most free. As if this wasn’t enough, the view overlooked the Couer d’Alene lake which I’d be starting my IRONMAN event - this was a very befitting location to take in the atmosphere and visualize success!

Speaking of visualization, this is a technique that I use a lot in all walks of life. Imagining the outcome I want before it happens helps me experience euphoria, being prepared for all things. There was nothing I didn't visualize happening in my IRONMAN, including having a puncture, knee pain, back pain, dehydration, overheating, cramps, crossing the finish line, being kicked in the face whilst swimming and having to continue with a broken nose. Whatever the eventuality, I’d imagined it and mentally accepted it therefore I was ready for anything!

Our hosts were amazing, each morning we’d have a fantastic breakfast prepared for us and they'd make freshly brewed coffee. As I was only drinking de-caffeinated coffee they were kind enough to accommodate my needs. The cabin itself was perfect, not only was I able to relax here reading my books I was also able to use the upstairs kitchen to prepare all of my food. No matter where I travel in the world, I will never miss a meal or compromise on food quality. There was also a downstairs kitchen which meant I could refrigerate all the prepared food! Very quickly I felt settled, helping me avoid any stress.

This is a big part of my preparations in life, to avoid stress and anxiety. Provided I am prepared and ahead of time I don’t ever experience these emotions. Planning ahead helps me avoid them, which is conducive to all forms of success. Excitement isn't something I usually experience either, unless there’s a big shot of adrenaline pumped into my veins from jumping out of a plane or participating in an extreme sport. There is one thing that does make me feel excited, more on that later though.

The first morning we woke up to an incredible sight, there was an enormous Mousse with her young calf! There they were, bathing in the water fountain. It was a majestical scene, and we continued to see lots of Deer during the day which we enjoyed.

Later that day I had interviews with a TV channel, discussing hybrid athleticism which is the combination of extreme endurance training along with my bodybuilding endeavors. Fortunately I was also able to give the charity I support (whom I raised funds for by doing this event!) a shoutout as well - The Unique Home For Girls Orphanage in Punjab. Sadly, in India little girls are less desirable than little boys by some families because they can’t contribute as much on farms and things alike. Therefore they're abandoned! This amazing charity helps provide them with an alternative route out from being dumped as tiny children.

Speaking to the producer of this TV channel was amazing; he had followed my MAN OF IRON video trainer. At this point he'd done three triathlons, with the latter one being a full Olympic distance one the following day where he had WON IT! It was amazing to meet somebody who’d used my video trainer and KAGED MUSCLE Supplements to achieve such amazing results.

The next day I continued to relax whilst looking for a massage therapist who could help work on my legs. Ideally, I wanted somebody who specialized in lymphatic drainage massage. Fortunately I found a lady who did and I found it very helpful! For the rest of the day I chilled, working in coffee shops. At this point I want to emphasize I was also taking a nap each day to help recovery, whilst increasing my fermented  KAGED MUSCLE GLUTAMINE, BCAAs and HYDRA-CHARGE.

The day before the IRONMAN my parents rocked up in their rental RV, coming straight to our B&B! We were able to enjoy some quality time together before they headed to find their RV park. Later on I headed into town in order to check my bike in at the transition station along with my bags loaded with supplies I needed for the event along the way. The lengths I will go to in order to be prepared for all eventualities shouldn't be under estimated, you should be the same if you want to succeed. That same day I had an interview to do with - once that I was done we headed for a meal in Couer d’Alene with my parents looking over the lake. It was a very relaxing occasion, an ideal way to prepare for the pending “storm” the day after!

For inspiration I was reading this terrific book, Iron War for the third time! It’s the story of Mark Allen and Dave Scott racing each other and all the obstacles they over came. This was just what I needed to wet my appetite for my first IRONMAN event, less than 24 hours later.


As you'd imagine once the event was over, I was in a lot of pain! Not the muscles I am used to training in the gym though/ The attention to detail with my food, hydration and KAGED MUSCLE supplements before, during and after the race helped them avoid becoming excessively sore. The pain was all in my hip flexors, to the point Sunshine had to lift my legs in and out of bed as well as the car, for the coming days!

Before flying back to Boise the day after the event we enjoyed the Couer d’Alene ambience some more. However, it was soon time to leave. The very next morning I was back in the gym at 6AM, doing around 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Later on that day I did the same thing, although I had to use the elevator because my hip flexors were too annihilated for me to walk upstairs. This was the same for the coming days; I even started doing some light upper body workouts too, only to around 70% of my capacity. The goal was very much about encouraging blood flow to help with recovery. The mental therapy from weight training is also something I rely on heavily, using it as a crutch to keep negativity away from my mind. Over the years I’ve probably pushed my body too hard and frequent in the gym and may have even progressed faster if I hadn’t, I’m cool with that. The mental therapy the gym gives me is a trade off I’m willing to make.

Earlier on I mentioned nothing really excites me, well one small seemingly insignificant incident back in Boise did! We floated the river with my parents, hiring a water raft. We were there at opening time so we hired quickly went straight out on to the water. When we arrived back, the queue was over 90 minutes long! That right there excited me, the fact we’d been efficient enough to avoid wasting this length of time when most people couldn't be assed to get up early. That’s the perfect analogy for success, if you're willing to do what most people aren't prepared to do then you’ll get what most people can’t! Being lines and traffic kill me…..literally. These are times I cant get back – it feels like someone is slowly slicing away parts of me.

To conclude this, work resumed as normal pretty much upon my return to Boise. There was more filming to be done with to wrap up the MAN of IRON video series from my IRONMAN. There were also some podcasts and further interviews I had to do. Although the pain in my hip flexors was still pumping away, I was already on the hunt for my next IRONMAN event as well as some more extreme events - the Frozen ultra marathon has caught my eye. There is also an IRONMAN in Arizona which looks appealing to me. My aim is to try and pick off-road running Ultra events because they are less impactful on my joints.

Although this is a diary, discussing what has been done, I’ll give you a really quick insight into what’s around the corner for me.

With the Mr. Olympia nearing I have lots of travel and business commitments, shortly afterwards I’ve got photo shoots to do in Toronto. Therefore I’ve been leaning out a little, although this hasn't been too difficult because I stay within punching distance of shoot condition whilst balancing my endurance training!

After this I’ve got an insane travel schedule in the final quarter of 2017 where I travel to India, Dubai, Texas and two trips to the UK whilst making other trips in between. I’ll leave you with this peace of advice, to finish my first diary installment: identify your goal and then be prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve that outcome! Don’t work blind either, recruit the help of an appropriate plan specific to your goal that will give you the tools and accountability.

Until next time!

Kris Gethin

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