​Pre-Fatigue Your Muscles First


If you’re an avid fan of bodybuilding and surf YouTube you’ll have heard the expression “pre fatigue” before. Are you familiar with what it means though? It’s a really clever way of shocking a muscle and totally changing the tempo of a workout. It’s almost like doing things in reverse all in the name of intensity!

To pre-fatigue a muscle you usually pick an isolation exercise and perform higher rep sets with shortened rest periods. After 6-7 sets you will have populated that muscle with a s*** load of oxygenated blood and lactic acid and your central nervous system will be fully activated. The purpose of this is to help you crush the muscle quicker with more precision.

Let’s take chest as an example, a muscle which is notoriously hard to completely demolish without the involvement of your shoulders and triceps. In fact, it’s often said that people hit failure in their triceps or shoulders first. So pre fatiguing your chest would help you overcome this problem because before you go into the compound exercises you’ve already exposed it to a lot of punishment yet your triceps are still fresh. From the first rep you do on the compound exercise your chest will be far more involved and it’ll also find it harder, quicker.

To make this change in your training, you should try this principle for a week on every muscle group, this allows you to see how your connection feels in comparison to your more regular workouts. As it’s so intense and challenging on your body during the workout, stack with IN-KAGED to keep your energy levels up.

My workout tips are very popular within my daily newsletter (sign up HERE) so I’ve collated together some more tricks to make your back grow. There’s a 3 step process which I encourage you to start using for the next 4 weeks to put this to the test. Just don’t forget to “bring it” to the gym and turn up the intensity because your workouts don’t mean s*** without enough intensity plugged in!

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