Should You Have A Cheat Meal?


Cheat meals aren't something I’ve ever endorsed or indulged in myself when on a diet. Even during a mass builder transformation or endurance preparation where my calorie intake was much higher, I still kept my diet clean! For sure, I had some healthy treats, my girlfriend, Sunshine, makes for me, but the ingredients remained wholesome. This way I’m able to satisfy cravings for something sweet while being disciplined enough to support better health. Let me explain to you why I don’t like the “cheat meal” culture that has developed in the fitness industry.

Wrong Mindset

The very thought of somebody thinking about “cheat meals” while starting a diet tells me that they have a broken mindset. The body has probably taken years of punishment from inferior processed food, which encourages excess inflammation, ill health and weight gain, and now you want to put that back into your body having finally decided it’s time to make a change? That’s like an alcoholic deciding they still want to have a blowout every weekend after going “dry.”

Habits breed success, and in order to attain the new body you’re aiming for, old bad habits need to die. Yes, there will be social occasions in months to come where you might indulge a little, but it shouldn't be at the forefront of your mind right now and certainly not apart of the plan!

The Numbers Aren’t Everything

After the first point I’ve made, some people will only refer to the numbers, provided calories and macros are matched having ice cream is no big deal. The problem I have with that thinking is that numbers aren't the only things I care about. We’re talking way deeper than ripped abs and big biceps here. I’m obsessed with health and doing everything possible to support that rather than feed things which could attack it.

With more processed food than ever available at the health store, it’s important to navigate away from it and pick natural sources. The kind of food your gut was designed to process. One of the biggest killers in humans, even those who aren't overweight, is visceral fat. This kind of fat isn’t always visible, yet it can cause untold amounts of damage to your internal health! Usually processed food only encourages this to become a bigger problem.

Performing Better

After having a binge on processed food, most people will feel bloated, lethargic, dehydrated and generally less alert. All of these physical attributes are not things which support performance. Sometimes it can take hours if not days to shake these side effects. When you’re hitting the gym using my workouts, with the intensity I demand of you, do you think that’s a good way to fuel training and recovery? Whether it’s a DTP bodybuilding workout or a trail run, the principles remain the same.

The fuel you put into your body will determine the results you get out!


Forgive me for sounding as though I’m boring when it comes to “cheat meals.” However, having spent years with a talented team developing KAGED MUSCLE to be a clean supplement line with only premium-quality ingredients, it would be hypocritical of me to think differently about food. It’s much smarter and healthier to create homemade “like for like” alternatives which provide you with nutrition and enjoyment.

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