​The Unpleasant Truth Revealed


Since the conception of KAGED MUSCLE my eyes have been opened wide to the unpleasant truth that taints the fitness industry. Most (not all) supplement brands are out there to increase their margins rather than the quality of the product they're selling to you.

As my journey began back in 2014 with KAGED MUSCLE I went on a fact finding mission which led me to every corner of the globe, on a quest to bring the very best supplement line to the market with complete transparency. Today I want to share with you four things which I’ve discovered from the supplement industry which is anything but sincere, I thought you should know! This isn’t me “knocking” anybody; I’m just stating the facts. What you do with this information is entirely up to you.

“White Labeling” & “Fairy Dusting”

The term “white labeling” describes the process of taking an “off the shelf” product and putting your own label on it. Perhaps you might add an extra ingredient, but the formula remains much the same. This is what a large portion of the supplement industry does; to try and create some kind of differentiation and then dust the formula with other ingredients. The bad thing is that the amounts of active ingredients are often not inline with recent research so you're not likely to benefit from them.

From a commercial perspective they rely on the fact you're not educated enough to understand this and use “label claim” to make the product inviting. Like I keep saying, if the ingredient amounts aren't in accordance with the latest scientific research then you're better off saving your cash and not taking anything at all.

Under Dosing

Some of the biggest supplement brands have been busted in recent years for under dosing their best-selling products. When some supplements were independently tested at labs it was found that the amino acid and protein contents were significantly lower than advertised on the label.

With KAGED MUSCLEevery product carries the MicroPure guarantee, which means we are third-party batch tested to give our customers the peace of mind that what we say is in the product actually is.

Impure Sources

Generic BCAAs and Glutamine supplements are often derived from human hair and duck feathers. Think about that for a second, are you happy putting that into your body? The KAGED MUSCLEBCAAsand GLUTAMINE are from vegetable sources which are then fermented.

You'd think that every company would see the merit in offering a cleaner alternative but the reason they don't want to do this is because of the costs. KAGED MUSCLE runs on razor sharp margins in order to provide you with the cleanest, more pure ingredients. If this were just about money to me I’d have taken that large monthly salary I referred to earlier.

Disgusting Ingredients

Companies have been busted “nitrogen spiking” protein blends to achieve a bigger protein readings. Some companies have used animal urine in their processing. Can you f***ing believe that? Some supplement companies are happy to feed you animal p***!

When we talk about sincerity and integrity this doesn't just smudge the lines a bit, it smashes them! The beauty of RE-KAGED is that we only use ultra-premium whey protein isolate along ProHydrolase (an enzyme that aids in digestion) and thoroughly researched patented ingredients. Again, the MicroPure guarantee is in place to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the product for your benefit.


Some people won’t believe this stuff; others will forget about it and remain in their little bubble. If I could advise you to do anything, it would be to steer clear of any product which doesn't use patented ingredients and doesn’t offer a quality guarantee. 

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