This Is Why You Need Creatine HCl


Creatine is probably the most researched supplement on the market today and is one of the most effective ergogenic aids, according to science. There’s no disputing its merit in increasing performance and muscle size. The dispute begins to unravel when you start to explore the different varieties of creatine available to you and how they interact with your body.

Creatine Monohydrate is the most commonly used variety of creatine in the world, but it’s out dated and most people will experience the common issues associated with this cheap supplement. These issues include:

  • Gas/diarrhoea
  • Bloating
  • Water retention

The other issue that surrounds cheaper forms of creatine is that it needs to be “loaded” for 5-7 days in higher doses to try and saturate the muscle cell, to help spur on ATP production. Unfortunately the loading phase just exacerbates the issues above, and basic forms of creatine are typically bad for making it beyond the stomach to the muscle cell (which is where it needs to go to become effective). This is why you get all the gut problems and often fail to notice any real difference; the ingredient isn’t able to effect things the way it needs to.

Creatine HCl on the other hand is the world’s most premium variety of creatine and is purposely engineered to travel through the gut without causing any unwanted side effects whatsoever. You don’t just get to avoid these problems; you’re also able to experience the full weight of creatine in action because it reaches the muscle cell with ease.

  • Strength Increase
  • Bigger muscles
  • Better pump
  • New Personal Best (PBs)

Are all things which you get when you supplement with Creatine HCl. Unfortunately there are imitations, generics and inferior versions of Creatine HCl in the world, with the original source of this amazing ingredient being ripped off by lesser brands. The original, patented and best source of Creating HCl was engineered back in 2003 by Vireo systems, and in 2015 KAGED MUSCLE gained a worldwide exclusive on this specific ingredient which can be matched by nobody else in the world.

Kris Gethin

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