This Will Make You Ripped


To get that ripped look you need to elevate your rate of thermogenesis each day so that you become an energy burning furnace. This is the smart way to rid your body of the fat which stands in the way of your abs coming out, for all to see. Making thermogenesis happen at a faster, more urgent rate is something you can start influencing today through choices which rest firmly on your shoulders.

Let me explain how…

Eat More Protein

Eating more protein isn’t just going to build you more muscle, it will also speed up thermogenesis. Studies have shown that protein feeding is highly thermogenic because of the muscle protein synthesis (MPS) process, which demands a lot of energy. This brings me back to eating regular protein meals, which are consistently high in quality, to maintain spiked MPS levels.

Drink More Water

The most simple way to elevate your rate of internal thermogenesis is to force your body to increase its core temperature, which you can do drinking more water. Numerous studies have demonstrated that being more stringent with your water consumption is a very quick way to experience peak levels of thermogenesis.

Eat More Fibre

The metabolism and gut are more closely linked than you might think. Given that thermogenesis will affect your metabolism, this is of real interest to you. Eating more fibre will help neutralise your gut and improve health internally which supports thyroid function. If your gut is malnourished and suffering with the common issues, then it can directly impinge upon thyroid function, which means your metabolism will also suffer.

Eating more vegetables is the first priority here because as a population we are bad for under eating our veggies.

Hit The Road

You can tell by my Instagram and Facebook interaction that I’m always out doing my cardio, every day wherever I happen to be in the world. This will heighten the state of thermogenesis in your body; the theory is pretty straightforward.

However, please be mindful that your cardio must be consistent in order to experience the benefits of increased thermogenesis. It’s the one area I constantly witness so many cats failing to nail, just get it done! 

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