​Watch Out For Tomorrow


Tomorrow can leave you a lot of clues as to how your diet is going. Whenever you eat something different, you should get your diary ready to take notes. The body is far more clever than most people give it credit for and if there is an adverse reaction that’s its way of telling us to stop doing something. To help you understand what I mean exactly here are four things I recommend you look out for tomorrow to analyze how well aligned your diet is with your body.

How Does Your Stomach Feel?

The biggest sign that the food you ate yesterday is not working with your body is if your digestion is bad. Poor digestion could mean bloating, feel nauseous, stomach cramps or in more severe cases diarrhoea. If you’re waking up and experiencing these things frequently something is wrong, that’s not normal.

Usually, it’ll be one of the following:

You’re eating food which you have a natural sensitivity or intolerance to

You’re eating food you don’t currently have the correct enzymes to deal with that food

Either way, your gut is becoming inflamed from something you’re eating. If there’s an apparent pattern I’d recommend avoiding that food because it isn't just the problems I alluded to above, inflammation in the gut can be linked to many other health issues as well!

Are You More Lethargic Than Normal?

Some times we have days where we feel exhausted for no apparent reason. Nothing different has happened but some how we feel tired. Maybe it isn't such a coincidence after all because if you eat food which your gut doesn't like you will naturally feel more tired. Your sleep won’t be as good, and your body will be using a lot more energy fighting the inflammation.

It should be very obvious to you if you feel tired after eating a particular food – watch out for it and then try removing it to experience the difference.

Do You Feel Dehydrated?

Are you waking up feeling very dehydrated even though you’re drinking at least one gallon of water per day with HYDRA-CHARGE? It’s likely in this case that there is food in your diet which could be causing a digestion issue. This could lead to fluid imbalances.

What Is Your Mood Like?

Perhaps this is a little less obvious but trust me, this is a very relevant gauging tool. Sometimes you can “get out of the wrong side of bed” and feel in a foul mood. Food which causes sensitive reactions in the gut can affect mood, making you feel unhappy and downright p***ed off. If you’re getting this sensation along with the previous three I’ve brought to your attention then maybe something needs to go!


Fitness and health are my life. Everything which falls within that is of interest to me and helping you achieve everything possible within this circle is my purpose in life. It is my goal to live as healthy as possible and to reach a hundred years old! To do that I have to think way beyond how I look, I need to observe how I feel and what the food I’m putting into my body is doing to me. These are the kind of life “hacks” I’m trying to pass on to you because they’ll make the difference.

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