​What Defines You?


Becoming aware of who you are inside and what defines you is a life-changing moment. When all of the fluff in your life is taken away and you’re left with the bare essentials, who are you and what do you stand for? That’s a question over 90% of the population will not be able to answer accurately because they never stop and think. They just bounce from one day to the next allowing life to push them in any direction. By the end of this blog, I want you to get to the bottom of who you are. To help, I’ll start by explaining what defines me.

No challenge fears me….for long. It only inspires me. When somebody says I won’t achieve something it only pours more fuel on my already blazing fire within. Mental weakness will never be the reason for my failures. Allowing my mind to become poisoned with excuses and complacency has never been my style; I’ll always take the harder route to keep my mental resolve very much alive.

When I told people we were going to launchKAGED MUSCLE using a very different approach to any other supplement brand they said: “your margins are too tight, it won’t work.” They were talking to me from an entirely different perspective; money doesn’t define who I am. Serving those who give me purpose every day is a defining feature of my life. If that means giving the highest quality supplements while having much less margin so be it! I’m comfortable with who I am and what our brand stands for. It means more than any amount of money does. In fact, I turned down large financial offers before KAGED MUSCLE because I didn't want to endorse a brand which wasn't completely transparent. That’s who I am. Ironically, KAGED MUSCLE is growing at a faster pace than any other supplement brand in the history of bodybuilding.com’s rankings. What makes me proud about this is that money was never the driving force and still isn't today, I live a very modest lifestyle. Using any profit to reinvest in the brand and serve my customers, those who've believed in me is what makes me tick. It gives me purpose and therefore defines my character.

By knowing who I was, I’ve been able to spearhead KAGED MUSCLE into a highly competitive market and make a significant impact, changing millions of people’s lives and health.

Back to you. What is it that makes you feel alive and what exactly are the values who hold dearly above all else? Are you somebody who prides themselves on never giving up in the gym, no matter how nauseous you feel? Perhaps you’re the most reliable person when it comes to getting s*** done. These are values you need to setback and recognize, then build upon that in every area of your life.

Until you are in touch with your inner self and know exactly what you will and won’t stand for, you’ll stand for anything! Invest the next two days assessing what you’re able to offer the world and then make it your daily mission to give that your absolute everything! You can outwork a lack of talent with graft if you’re willing to.

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