​What Time Of Day Should You Train ?


Some cats prefer to hit the gym early in the morning, others go later at night. Is there really a perfect time where you’re physiological factors are at their peak for performance, recovery, fat metabolisation and everything else that goes along with it? My viewpoint is that the perfect time to train is the time which fits in best with your day, schedule and where you feel most ready. Look at Mike O’Hearn, hitting up muscle beach Gold’s Gym at 4am every morning and hitting PBs… For Mike that works but for a lot of you there’s no way you would perform well at that hour.

If you watch other athletes like Floyd Mayweather he will train after midnight, to gain the mental edge that he’s training while his opponents sleep. It’s whatever works for you at the end of the day, rather than try and choose a time which is said to be best work it out for yourself.

Whenever I travel my training times can fluctuate a lot from early morning to very late at night, I make do with the cards I’m dealt and control my environment. If I was you this is how I would determine what the best time of day for you is to train…

When Are You Most Energised?

There’s no point training when your energy levels are on the floor, so you need to consider when you’re most alert and awake. This will only contribute to better focus in the gym which is exactly what you need to make your workout count. I know a lot of people will say that they are more equipped for the gym in the evening after 4-5 meals which I tend to agree with for most people.

If energy is a problem and you need a lift then just take your PRE-KAGED and that will help you sort that problem immediately, giving you the energy, focus and pump you crave.

When Are You Least Stressed?

This is a big question which I guarantee you’ve never even thought of before. If you have a very stressful day ahead of you which you’re anxious about, I’d recommend getting that out of the way to let your mind rest before training. If you train when you’re highly strung, anxious and stressed your cortisol production is going to skyrocket, you’re going to have very bad focus and probably hate the workout all at the same time.

Go to the gym when you’re truly able to give it the focus and attention it needs to make the workout do enough damage. Don’t just go there and coast, that isn’t enough and just won’t cut it!

It seems like you’ve got some thinking to do so I will leave you get on with that…

Kris Gethin

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