​When All Else Fails


We all get s***ty days where our world seems to be crumbling momentarily, you don’t need to take this personally it’s just life. You can’t afford to be too precious when this occurs because it will only defeat you, which is not an option. There’s so many reasons why your day can become sabotaged, that’s not the important question here… What I’m here to tell you is that when all else fails just remember you have the gym as the perfect counterpart, to vent and release your negative energy without any danger of prejudice.

The iron won’t judge you, it won’t even listen to you. It will treat you just the same as everybody else and go straight for your jugular like any other day, there’s no sympathy or pity here… As I told you, there’s absolutely no prejudice.

Iron therapy is my favourite way to blow off steam, I use the energy present within my mind which has p***ed me off to get more anguishing reps when my fibres are all but ready to tap and submit. This goes beyond training to look jacked, at this point in times its a matter of survival and providing a cushion for the mind.

Without this release the cyclone of negative thoughts within your mind will manifest into something more detrimental and substantial, eating away at your will-power like a cancer of the mind. Negative thoughts are dangerous which is why you’ve got to remember the gym is always your best outlet when the need arises… I don’t want to hear any bulls*** about missing your workout because you had a bad day, that’s exactly when you need to go ! When your vexed you need to wrap that energy up and deploy it against the iron with every ounce of force you’ve got, don’t let it sit undisturbed where it can grow into something more destructive within your head.

It’s not just those 45-70 minutes which give you the mental relief either when the clouds above your head are dark… It’s the sense of achievement afterwards and the knowledge that you’re in control of your own destiny which reinforces your purpose. Along with purpose comes direction, which together give you something to reach for which is perfect for a distressed mind.

For sure this is deep, but its also real because its pushing up agains the ceiling of reality. You can’t let your darker days be the end of your commitment, that’s straight up weak.

Remember to get your ass to that gym and the rest will take care of it self, from the second your final rep finishes this becomes a self-perpetuating campaign of positivity and self-assurance.

Kris Gethin

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