​You Need To Stretch!


How often do you take the time out to stretch your muscles?

I’ll be the first to admit in my earlier training days I wasn’t very consistent at stretching, I didn’t appreciate its value and application within my journey. There was no alignment between being flexible and building muscle in my mind back then, but as with everything else once you become educated through trial and error, you get smarter.

This is that moment in your personal transformation journey.

Most resources that create training content will baffle you with the notion that stretching is essential for injury prevention and warming up. Sure, it has its uses. If you keep your muscles are supple, you’re going to be at less risk of suffering a tear or mobility issues which are very common in those who lift. Mobility lead to injuries and postural problems, so stretching for this reason is important.

However, stretching will also improve your potential to build muscle. Are you till not sure? Allow me to explain how and why it will build muscle.

When you train, you’re causing the break down of muscle fibers so they return stronger (and bigger). During this process, over an accumulative period of time you’ll also develop scar tissue as a byproduct. After months or years this can drastically inhibit range of movement at the joint, which is going to have direct result on building muscle. That result will be a negative one because you’ve now lost some of your ability to work the muscle through a proper range of motion.

This is why muscles develop a seemingly unbreakable resistance to growing, because you’re unable to work the muscle adequately.

As your wrists and elbow lose mobility it becomes harder to really punish your biceps with a full contraction. As your hips and lower back stiffen, it becomes increasingly harder to trigger your hamstrings. The piece you need to take from this is that stretching and doing mobility drills will facilitate further growth. There’s no question about this.

You can fit this into your day in several ways, but getting your stretching done after you’ve finished lifting is a good time. Your muscles are already going to be flexible with more elasticity after you’ve trained, so take this opportunity to stretch that muscle whilst you can.

On rest days, stretching for 15-20 minutes makes for great active recovery and keeps you supple ready for the next days training. Either way, you should be fitting your stretching drills in daily with a mix of static and dynamic drills.

If you’re still unsure on this, do it for 14 days consistently then tell me it doesn’t make a difference.

Kris Gethin

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