​You're Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants


Information has never been closer and more available via your phone or tablet, but this does bring its own problems. Too much information from lots of different places can confuse you, leading to paralysis by over analysis. The fitness industry is laced with fads and the “next big thing” which you’ve got to try in the gym, or a diet which promises to supersede anything which has gone before. The crucial part is to retain balance, you have to see progression and evolution of thought processes as more research is done. However, you have to remember what has gone before you and the track record revolving around techniques which you know work. There’s been such a big push to recreate the wheel that people have developed very short memories, we are standing on the shoulders of giants who’ve gone before us.

Generations of iron warriors have fought the battles, won the wars and documented what works. Most of the training and nutrition information you use today is an evolution of historical practices, relatively speaking to the age of this industry. Like I always say, knowledge without mileage is bulls***. Success leaves clues, you just need to acknowledge this.

The miles covered by those before you and I, have taught us well. By studying the results of those who’ve achieved amazing things before us, we’ve been able to understand that progressive overload and brutal intensity builds muscle and we’ve also discovered that high reps help to build muscle also. We know that periodisation works and being explosive when lifting weight entices your more powerful motor units to generate more fibre involvement.

As the writing on the wall has become clearer, nutrition has become more documented than ever. We understand quality and the formation of your diet means just as much as getting the correct portion control. All of the evidence has flowed into your lap from those who have done this before you and done the experimentation. Don’t forget that!

This doesn’t mean you stop learning, it just serves as a mechanism to remind yourself you don’t need to over complicate things, which is a message I’m always very consistent about.

One portion of the industry which has really evolved is the supplement categories. There’s been a lot of misinformation and marketing used to dupe people into believing what they are taking is “elite” and essential. As the scientific information KAGED MUSCLE publish every week shows you, unless a supplement is dosed to the exact amounts science recommends it won’t benefit you. It’s not like getting 50% of the required amount will give you 50% of the results, it doesn’t work unfortunately.

Every decision made in the creation of any of the KAGED MUSCLE supplements always guarantees that the science is completely robust, so that you instantly experience the impact of taking these products. This was a critical point of the business model I insisted on because I had learned from working in this industry for many years how poor most of the products were and what the agendas really were.

Whatever product you use from KAGED MUSCLE, you can instantly recognise that the evolution within the testing, processing and sourcing of ingredients has reached heights no other company is yet to achieve.

Kris Gethin

My workout tips are very popular within my daily newsletter (sign up HERE) so I’ve collated together some more tricks to make your back grow. There’s a 3 step process which I encourage you to start using for the next 4 weeks to put this to the test. Just don’t forget to “bring it” to the gym and turn up the intensity because your workouts don’t mean s*** without enough intensity plugged in!

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