​You Should Do This Everyday


By “this” I mean build a winning routine into your life, so each day starts with purpose and ends with accomplishment. Life can quickly become filled with chaos and obstacles, which will only learn to thrive in the absence of a well thought out routine.

Every person who’s achieved something in life will understand the value of a routine which sets them up from success, to the planning of your day, to your pre-workout ritual and everything in between. It all counts!

The purpose of a routine is to really get the most out of your day, squeezing every minute out of it. That extra 20 minutes of cardio you managed to fit in, the extra food prep, time for your HYDRA-CHARGE infused water and extra work all amounts to significant success at the end of a 12 month period.

Now compound that by 2, 3 or even 5 years and imagine the difference it makes.

How are you going to get this routine together? I’ll try and show you now, in 3 steps.

Understand Your Mission

What are you trying to achieve right now? This question goes for your gym goals, career and even relationships. All of these things require time and investment so they must be factored into your daily routine. If you don’t water the plant, it won’t grow. The first thing to creating your routine then is understanding what the mission is exactly.

Plan Ahead

With your mission distinguished in your head, you’ve now got to plan ahead for it otherwise it will just remain something you wanted to do rather than something you will do. Divide your day up accordingly, based on the appropriate amount of time which is required to make enough of an impact on each goal.

Try and ascertain which time of the day you’re going to train, mark it in. When are you doing your cardio? How much time do you need to invest in building your career? Maybe different days will have different demands, you need to account for all of this and put it into your planner.

Don’t just create a big “to do list” because that will never go down, it’ll only grow. Create a calendar schedule based on your mission and let that dictate the direction of your actions each day.

Become Accountable

The last point I made was very important, because once you commit to letting your calendar which you’ve planned lead the way you have to remain accountable to it.

Having a plan doesn’t mean s*** if you aren’t actionable with it. At the end of each day look at your calendar and make sure you’ve achieved everything you set out to do, it’s that simple. You can either get s*** done or watch others get s*** done.

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