Habits and Consistency #2: The 8 Week Hardcore Daily Video Trainer Reboot Series


Kris Gethin is a Pro Natural Bodybuilder, IRONMAN, Ultra-Marathon Runner, Author, Co-Founder of the Kris Gethin Gyms Franchise, CEO of KAGED MUSCLE Supplements and the host of many Daily Video Trainer Video Series that have transformed Millions. In this Podcast, Kris dissects myths of muscle building and endurance, bridges the gap between health and sports supplementation, expands upon the healing benefits of smart nutrition, and strategies to change your perception for a happier, healthier and real way of life.

Welcome To Week One of The 8 Week Hard Core Trainer Series!

This episode kicks off an 8 part series that prepares you week by week for the mental and physical challenges that lie ahead on your road to transformation.

Kris breaks down the real-life challenges of day to day work that stop 99% of people from achieving their ideal physique and exactly how to plan and prepare so you can overcome them when they arise.



- 2:45 How to prepare for problems, traveling, injuries, and adversity.

- 4:45 Planning for the worst in order to win and spitting in the face of excuses.

- 6:15 The secret to transformation.

- 8:30 Reducing stress while at work.

- 9:45 Key foods to stock up on before starting the 8-week video trainer.

- 11:05 What to expect in Week One. 


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