Interview with Ashley Horner and Alex Viada


In this week’s episode, Kris talks to Ashley Horner, a Kaged Muscle hybrid athlete, mother of three, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, and her coach Alex Viada, a hybrid athlete who coached Kris for his first Ironman and owner of Complete Human Performance, about Ashley’s upcoming challenge of 50 Ironman distance triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26 mile run) in 50 days. Listen in to find out why Ashley decided to do this, what her training regiment is like, what she hopes to accomplish during these 50 days, and the purpose that drives her.

“If you’re put in a situation where your gear malfunctions, where the weather is bad, where whatever else comes along and you have every opportunity to quit, what are you going to do?” -Alex Viada


Alex and Ashley introduce themselves and talk about their backgrounds and how they got to where they are at now (00:00:50)

Kris asks Alex and Ashley if they ever thought they had to sacrifice strength training for endurance training once they started participating in more endurance sports (00:04:30)

Kris introduces Ashley’s upcoming challenge (00:08:30)

Alex talks about his initial reaction when Ashley first approached him and told him she wanted to do this (00:11:40)

Kris asks Ashley if she really thought this challenge through or if she jumped right into it (00:14:00)

Ashley talks about her nutritional, physical, and mental concerns (00:17:00)

Benefits of a keto diet and training in a fasted state (00:21:00)

Alex and Ashley talk about her nutrition strategy during the 50 Ironman distance challenge (00:27:30)

Ashley talks about why she is doing this challenge: to raise money for education for Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche, Haiti (00:31:40)

Ashley tells Kris about her first time meeting Alex and the trick he played on her(00:37:00)

Ashley takes us through a day in her life (00:45:50)

Alex goes through his recovery strategy for Ashley (00:53:00)

Kris asks Alex if he plans on joining Ashley on any of the 50 days and how other people can follow along or join in on swims, runs, and rides (01:00:00)


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Instagram: @ashley.horner

Donate to Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche Haiti 


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