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Interview with Jasmina Aganovic - chemical and biological engineer, cosmetic expert, and President of Mother Dirt

Kris sits down with Jasmina Aganovic from Mother Dirt to talk about the skin biome and why it is important for our health to cultivate good bacteria, even on our skin. Whether we know it or not we all hold certain beliefs about cleanliness, and a lot of them involve using soap to become clean. But what if you learned that you didn’t need to use soap to wash after all? And that some products contain ingredients that strip your good skin bacteria away? Jasmina breaks down our normal cleaning habits and routines and shows us how being more mindful of what we put on our skin may help improve our health.


Mother Dirt is a Boston-based wellness company with an innovative product called the AO+ Mist, a probiotic spray for your face and body that contains live strains of Mother Dirt’s patented “peacekeeper bacteria”.

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Where our ideas of cleanliness come from 2:30

Should we be encouraging ourselves and our children to go outside and play in the dirt? 4:00

Components of soil bacteria that we need that we can’t get from food 6:30

How everyday facial products effect our topical microbiome 9:00

The notion of antibacterial products 10:00

What you can expect from using the Mother Dirt AO+ Mist14:30

How to discern if your skin care products are healing or harming you 19:00

What makes the Mother Dirt AO+ Mist unique 23:00

The environment on our skin is different than the environment in our gut

Correlation between the gut microbiome and the skin microbiome 30:00


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“My No Soap No Shampoo Bacteria Rich Hygiene Experiment” - New York Times article 2014

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