Is the World Getting Soft? and How Do I Overcome the Millennial Generation?


Are you one of those people who are easily offended and quick to protest any little thing? This show might not be for you. Kris decides to explore the topic of “softness” in this episode of the Knowledge and Mileage. He feels like the world we live in is more sensitive than ever before and he wants to know why? He asked Sunshine, his millennial girlfriend, to join him on this show to discuss the rational behind this movement. Take a seat, things are going to get interesting.

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3:30 Unlike 20 years ago, the world we live in is more sensitive than ever before.

5:00 The generation gap has gotten bigger and older generations are finding it harder to relate to the younger generations

6:00 This podcast was inspired by the recent drama with Serena Williams being named “woman” of the year on GQ’s cover (read all about that here

8:30 A millennial’s view on why things are the way the are now

11:00 A small debate on cultural appropriation*

11:48 When is it ok to dress up as other cultures?

19:00 Consequences of letting emotion drive decisions vs rational thought

25:00 People have become more sensitive across the board. People say they can’t do certain things because of the weather. It’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too nice.

30:00 How do we navigate this ever changing generation?


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*Cultural appropriation is “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure 

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